Please help..

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Please help..

Postby anthrostudent » Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:21 pm

Hi ladies, I'm an Anthropology student conducting a research for my women, bio, culture class. My research topic is fertility drugs and I need a few ladies or couples to interview. I'm in need of serious help and I would immensely appreciate any volunteers. I must add I wont be too intrusive and my interview is only a few questions. Please note I am not spam. My questions are below, I hope you can take the time to answer them
Thank you

1. What is your age and the age of your partner? How long have you been TTC?
2.What fertility medicines/treatments have you had or tried? And if there have been any success stories I would love to hear about them.
3. What has your journey and process trying to conceive been like, to date?
4.Have there been any negative aspects in dealing with doctors, family,friends, and your partner? if so what kind?
5.Why do you want to have kids? do you think its an innate desire women are born with or is it a process of enculturation? (def:the process by which an individual learns the traditional content of a culture and assimilates its practices and values)
Again, I would really appreciate it if I have a few participants, I will not take names.
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Re: Please help..

Postby starMint » Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:57 am

Here are my brief answers:
1) I'm 36, my husband is 43; we have been TTC for almost 3 years
2) When I went of BC, I did not get my period for 8 months - even with trying 2 progesterone "jump starts". Was referred from GYN to Fertility DR when not having period - did blood work and had a head MRI. After starting accupuncture 1x/week, I got my period and then started getting regular cycles. When still no BFP went back to GYN for a work up. Did a round of Clomid to test my ovulation. Was referred from GYN to another Fertility DR then did a full work up with HSG test, lapiroscopy, blood work, etc. (husband had sperm analysis). Have done two full stimulation cycles - taking baby asprin and prenatals every day where the stimulation cycle begins around CD4-5 with Letrozole and then after follicles are checked to be a certain size, doing follicle stimulation injections until a trigger shot when follicles look the right size (to force ovulation) and then progesterone supplements after trigger. Both of these times, did natural intercourse.
3) frustrating at first due mostly to not knowing what was going on with my body... then getting my husband to understand "fertile window" and timing. There were many other things going on in my life so TTC was not all encompassing even though each BFN can be a bit of a let-down. We are still positive about having children. I believe it is going to happen when it is supposed to.
4) I've kept the TTC thing pretty close to the chest so haven't had much of a problem with friends or acquaintances asking about it. Some family knows we are trying, but there hasn't been any pressure there. The first fertility DR I went to was a horrible experience. She made me feel like I could not trust her judgment or opinion. The second fertility DR I went to was and has been great. He has the approach that works for me and my husband - we are taking it slow because he seems to believe we have time and we can try to do increasingly aggressive treatments if needed.
I think one of the hardest things with TTC is the pressure on me and my husband regarding timing sex and how to keep our relationship focused on fun not baby making.
5) Not sure which category my beliefs fall into here... I think it a combination of both - there is an innate desire (chemical/genetic thing) and a learned cultural aspect (to promote and propagate cultural ideals).
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