Round 2 of Clomid

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Round 2 of Clomid

Postby trihen » Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:41 am

Hi ladies, I am new to actually writing on a blog but am a frequent reader. Frustration with ttc is getting the better off me.
I am 33 and DR is 32 and we both want to start a family so badly. We have tcc since we married 7th ago. Last month we attended a fertility clinic , progesterone borderline so looks like I may not ovulate all the time. Sperm check no issues. So he started us on clomid 50mg cd 3-7. No side effects and scans showed follies at 14mm and 19mm. Pregnyl was then given and cd21 progesterone was 58. All seemed so hopeful and we were convinced it was this time. Temp stayed up etc . Then AF showed up yest cd28 but extremely light and the same today (more like spotting). Two hpts showed BFN. It feels like it is never our turn and the disappointmentl gets harder. I am starting clomid cycle 2 now but confused over which day as AF so light. Anyone experience the same and have success second time round. My DH is suggesting we just go straight to IUI
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