PCOS and Endo - High Temps After HSG and Lap?

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PCOS and Endo - High Temps After HSG and Lap?

Postby Little_Bits » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:45 am

Hi everyone,

I've just come home from an exploratory laparoscopy and HSG, both which were performed 2 days ago under general anesthesia. When I they took my temp first thing yesterday and I took it as I usually do today, both of my temps were 36.6 - which for me is a post- O temp. Does anyone know if general anesthesia or pain killers or an HSG will raise your temperature? I'm only CD 10 and still spotting from the procedure, so I'm not sure what's happening. I've googled it, but found nothing. Any experience from anyone else with post procedure temps? I'll keep temping for a few days and see what happens. Maybe it's just a fluke?

On a side rant-filled note, I found out after my procedure that I get to add endometriosis to my list-of-reasons-why-I-can't-get-pregnant. It's only mild, but has been causing abdominal pain for months. The doctors I met before my procedure had told me it wasn't likely I had endometriosis because I had all the signs of PCOS, and my periods are light and short. So imagine my surprise when it turns out I win the infertility lottery with both PCOS and Endo :roll: . Yay. Anyone else out there dealing with both? I've started a low GI diet for my PCOS, but I know next to nothing about endometriosis, except that there is no treatment besides surgery (and pregnancy, if only I were so lucky). I've heard good things about getting pregnant after they've cleared away spots and adhesions in a lap, and I've got a meeting at the fertility clinic next week. But until then, I'm stuck at home just worrying to myself. Any thoughts or good news would be helpful!
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