hsg and /or laprascope experience?

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Re: hsg and /or laprascope experience?

Postby N&JS » Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:49 am

I had this done almost 4 years ago and, looking at it again. An I had and I had a positive outcome 2 months after having it done. I found out we was expecting Our daughter and she turns 4 in just a few.months. Don't give up hope.
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HSG !!!

Postby Befni22 » Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:14 am

I did 3 rounds of clomid. Then after a clear hsg.....bfp after 3.5 years1 dpo:Heavy feeling yday could of been toilet
Boobs achy when touched
5dpo:lumpy painful boobs
6dpo: Boobs either side (arm side) hurt tender. With and without bra
Lumps are there too
Feels a bit like period might come.. Two tiny tiny dots on tissue paper
7dpo:boobs seem better throughout day,still hurt at the sides of boobs when i press
8dpo:tiny amount of creamy cm.boobs still hurt when touched on sides,strange waves of feeling im going to come on
9dpo:boobs hurt at side when poked
Vivid dream about my cat,lower back aches,a few very slight period cramps
10dpo: boobs still hurt to touch
Few bubbly pin pricks under belly button inside, lower backache
11dpo:woke up feeling sicky.period tummy ugh!!!!
12dpo: period tummy, sticky thick cm
13dpo:nipples sore to touch, boobs hurt when i rolled over in bed ,no cramps yet today,i couldnt reach my cervix
14dpo:nipples hurt to touch.diarrhea. cervix soft but ao high can barely touch it.
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