Fibroids, Endo, and TTC

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Fibroids, Endo, and TTC

Postby jodalicious » Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:16 pm

Hello all,
I am 29, and married for just over a year. I have been ttc for over a year (since two months before my wedding, hehe). I thought I had one big fibroid, then found out I had five fibroids, so I agreed to an open abdominal surgery to remove them, because fibroids were the only thing we could find wrong with my reproductive ... area. I obsessed over the surgery and finally had it done a little over a week ago. They found SIX fibroids, an ovarian cyst, and stage 1 endometriosis. CURVE BALL. Had no idea about the cyst or the endo. All in all, my wonderful amazing doctors have advised me that I am now "anatomically perfect"! Which is pretty fantastic, and it makes me want to weep with joy as I write this.

I used to ovulate and have regular cycles. I used to be able to time my life by my cycles, but after two years with mirena, I haven't ever bounced back from that lovely break from my heinous period. (I had it taken out a year and six months ago.) I have a period if I am helped by clomid and I pray a lot. Even with clomid, my cycle has become extremely unstable. Like, we're talking take clomid, ovulate on day 26, and have a 3 week period starting on cycle day 48.

My big question is, will endo make a cycle stop, or draw it out to a 60 day cycle? I know fibroids will make a cycle terrible and painful as far as how much you bleed. And let me tell you from experience, it is as terrible as everyone says, but I'm wondering what would STOP my once very reliable cycle from marching on. Is it really the mirena, the fibroids, the endo..... what? Any ladies have a successful poas moment after battling these things???? I'm having trouble finding people that have had similar issues and have come out of the other side. Please share your experiences, thank you. :)
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