Progynova-When is AF Due?

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Progynova-When is AF Due?

Postby lulubidae » Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:45 pm

Hello Ladies!

This is a question for anyone who has experience taking Progynova (2mg x2) for 28 days with an additional 10mg of provera (progesterone) in the last five days (or any other kind of estrogen/progesterone supplements in a similar pattern).

I stopped taking them 2 days ago, and my period hasn't come yet. (Yes, we may have bd around ovulation day). Does anyone know if there is a delay in AF arriving, and if so how long for?

Thanks lovelies.

P.S Sorry.....I should add that........
1) My bbt has not dropped in the slightest (so it looks like my progesterone levels are still high???).
2) I have had 10 minutes of brown mucusy discharge yesterday AM and this morning (sorry TMI).
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