Low Sperm Count, Possible Endometriosis...Need Opinions!

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Low Sperm Count, Possible Endometriosis...Need Opinions!

Postby MaybeBabyM » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:44 pm

A little while back i had an appt with a specialist and he determined that it is "highly suggestive" that i have endo, given my pain symptoms and inability to concieve after just over a year. We decided to do a semen analysis and some blood work on me to make sure there was no other obvious fertility issues before we moved ahead with the laproscopic surgury to look for the endo.

When we got the test result mine cane back fine but my husband has a count of 5milion compared to a normal of 20million. We are devastated and blind sided. We didnt suspect it at all. we figured i had endo affecting fertility.

Now we are waiting on appointments to determine the cause of the low sperm count. so in the meantime ive put the laparoscopic surgery on hold.

I was more concerned with endo causing fertility issues but now its likely its not. or maybe it is. Should i still have the surgury to find out if we are both a factor for infertility?

if we have to end up doing iui or ivf because of the low sperm count i think ill have the surgury before tonmake sure nothing else is in our way but im deaperate for opinions. Part of me feels like if i do the sugury now maybe it will speed the process up later when doing fertility treatments. Any thoughts are welcome.
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Re: Low Sperm Count, Possible Endometriosis...Need Opinions!

Postby melsnh1985 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:06 am

I don't have much experience with either the low sperm count or the endo, but before we knew that our trouble conceiving was my issue, my Dr. told me to not worry if it was an issue with DH because there are medicines and things he could do to improve it. So don't be too discouraged because there is always hope! My thoughts on the laprascopic are that I've heard endo can grow back so I would "think" that you should probably wait until after you have gotten your husband's count up so that your chances will be at their highest immediately after surgery. But that's just my opinion. If you are in a lot of pain that might not be an option. That's probably a question that you should ask your specialist, though. I would think you would definitely need to do it before your pursue IUI or IVF, though.

Good luck! I know the TTC journey can be frustrating. The closer we get to the 1 year mark, the more depressed I get.
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Re: Low Sperm Count, Possible Endometriosis...Need Opinions!

Postby Nickysy » Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:10 am

Hello. Sry to hear about your troubles. I was diagnosed with endo last year in may. But not sent for surgery right away. Was given meds for 3 months, followed by advise to try for 6 months. This is our 6th month, and i have hsg and eb lined up for next month. Just check with your doc. If you are ovulating every month and your tubes are clear, endo might not be the reason and you should be able to proceed with iuis or ivfs. A lot of females do end up getting pregnant naturally even with endo. Good luck. Sperm counts can also be improved, and you can wait to get your surgery if its required till atleast that time to keep your chances up. I will be getting clearer answers for me too next month to decide our course of action.
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Re: Low Sperm Count, Possible Endometriosis...Need Opinions!

Postby MaybeBabyM » Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:18 pm

Thank you both for sharing your thoughts. Its been super hard on me, and us. I think i'm going to wait till my husbands appointment, but i think your both right in getting the surgery before any iui or ivf treatments. Its how I was thinking too, but I needed others to share the same opinion to make me feel like i'm making the right choice. I really appreciate it. :)
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Re: Low Sperm Count, Possible Endometriosis...Need Opinions!

Postby mamabear1 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:18 pm

Hi. I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling with these issues. I have no experience with endo but feel i need to jump in and offer my experience with mfi.

I constantly have read that sperm can be improved and to not worry about it...just get the dh to take this and that and it will improve. I think we need to be careful of assuming all dh's are the same. When we learnt we were dealing with severe mfi (lower that your dh) he went on all the suggested supplements (eg L-carnitine, mens prenatal multivitamin, Coq10, fish oil) and increased all the super healthy foods that were suggested. He even did weekly acupuncture with herbal tonic. We did everything. Result = sa had decreased further.

I say this not to alarm you because for sure there are many stories i have read where small tweaks made huge improvements. But i "wasted" some very valuable time and money on our natural regime which did nothing. I think we were an unlucky case.

So i would say, if you have time on your side (which i don't) then by all means research and go the natural route. Some men see a urologist for a thorough examination and sometimes medication too which can help. But keep a close eye on the sa. If it's not improving or fast enough you may want to move on your plan B.

Good luck.
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