Irregular cycles, less-than-ideal SA and supplements?

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Irregular cycles, less-than-ideal SA and supplements?

Postby AimeeNZ » Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:41 pm

Hello ladies,

I'm relatively new here, and trying not be shy! I'd love feedback from anyone who has been in a similar boat to me. Apologies if this takes a while to explain...

My husband and I have been ttc since January this year. I know it's early days, but there are a few obstacles we are facing already. I have had very irregular cycles since coming off the pill in August last year (43, 38, 31, 57!!), which is unnerving. I've read that this is relatively 'normal', so I am trying (and sometimes failing) not to stress every month as I wait, and wait, and wait for AF to arrive.

We also just found out from DH's first SA that his count is only 15,000,000 ('normal' is 20,000). I'm trying not freak out, as he had a vasectomy reversal in September 2014, and it's only the first test result (we've been told that you need to get a few done for more definitive results). He had the reversal within three years of his vasectomy, and had swimmers in his SA only 3 weeks after the operation. I'm not sure about motility/morphology, but he has three kids from his previous marriage and they were all conceived on the first try, so I have to assume that he's ok in that area.

I'm fighting some really awful thoughts about all of this, as his ex-wife is a bully, an alcoholic, and a truly horrible person, and ended up cheating on him numerous times (six affairs that we know of) before ending their marriage. Yet she fell pregnant without issues. DH is already an amazing father to his three kids; we see them once a month, due to his ex-wife living so far away with her new partner. But he desperately wants us to have our own little one, as do I, SO much!) My step-daughter also keeps asking me if I can have a baby, so she can have a little sister. (She's convinced that if I ask Jesus for a girl, and I really really "mean it", then Jesus will make sure it's a girl! Haha)

Can anyone recommend supplements for healthy sperm count/male fertility, and to help regulate cycles? I've been told that VItex, folate and evening primrose oil are good to me, and that DH should be taking Vitamin C and zinc.

Thanks for letting me ramble... I've been holding all of this stuff in for a few weeks now, and feel much better having shared it. :)
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Re: Irregular cycles, less-than-ideal SA and supplements?

Postby bbe » Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:44 pm

Hello, your DH's sperm count is not that low. I think you'd be a good IUI candidate if your tubes are open. Have you seen a fertility specialist? A clomid iui might work for you, or you could even try clomid and timed intercourse. Those are just my ideas, your dr will know better. As for sperm counts, my DH had dramatic improvement with daily walking, fruit and vegetables smoothies that he made at home and supplements. He took Procreation Male Fertility. Hope this helps.
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