Double Whammy and it keeps getting worse!

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Double Whammy and it keeps getting worse!

Postby MaybeBabyM » Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:25 am

My double whammy is that both my husband and I have fertility issues. It was originally thought that I had endometriosis. During the process of consulting with specialists to diagnose the problem we did other fertility tests to make sure it wasn't something else cause our infertility ( of about a year and half). It turns out my husband has a low sperm count or about 4-5 million. The SA couldn't test whether or not they were normally shaped or moving the right way since the count was so low. So all we know if the count is low.

I just had my lap surgery to diagnose my endometriosis. After the surgery my doctor came to tell me that i DO NOT have endo but instead of have what looks like signs of pelvic inflammatory disease. He said i have adhesions, inflammation and scar tissue. He said my right tube is blocked and my left tube appeared at first to be blocked but ink did pass through, so he thinks it became unblocked with the test.

In Summary:

Possible Pelvic inflammatory disease
blocked right tube
scar tissues/adhesions
location of uterus is "far back"

Low sperm count 4-5 million
no answers on mobility or normality

I feel like Endo was a much better problem to have. At lease they could have treated it. My doctor says not even antibiotics would do much at this point. I'm so confused. I have never had an std or even a yeast infection. i don't know how i could have had an infection that went unnoticed. i've had three partners onl two of which i had unprotected sex with but they were both clean.

Anyone else have a situation like this or something similiar. I need support and I feel really defeated. I feel like i'l never have kids. We can't afford IVF treatments. :(
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Re: Double Whammy and it keeps getting worse!

Postby Leilani1984 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 4:27 pm

I'm so sorry Hun, that diagnosis doesn't mean all hope is lost though. So you have to work with what you've got! First thing I would do is get DH on some heavy duty vitamins. Fertile aid and count boost is a great start. Make sure he is taking them daily! Not tight underwear for him, as well as not hot baths. You can google what helps with Sperm count. There's a bunch of things like no smoking/drinking, ect that can help.

You're working with 1 tube. Soooo, being proactive is going to get you pregnant sooner. Talk to your doc about clomid or something that's going to help ovulate more eggs, or up your chance of ovulating from your good side. I don't have any answers as to why you got PID with no std. I know that BV can cause PID if left untreated. You can have BV with no symptoms. Have you ever tried castor oil packs? They are good for clogged tubes and uterine issues. You can google that as well, it's pretty long. Just don't do them after O. Castor oil packs in conjunction with taking serapeptase has worked wonders for lots of women.

With sperm issues, BD every other day and stay in bed after for atleast 30 mins. I love soft cups after because less mess and it holds the Sperm up there. My DH has horrible sperm. I had him on count boost and fertile aid for 6 months. I had an hsg and that cycle I got a bfp. It ended in mc, but I know it can happen. We have been trying for almost 4 years, so hang in there! Ivf really isn't in our budget either. I hope you get your bfp, miracles happen everyday!
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