Short luteal phase or just ovulating late?

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Short luteal phase or just ovulating late?

Postby Kirstava » Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:39 am

So this is my DH and I's 7th month TTC since finding out my doctor suspects endometriosis. I have a laparoscopy scheduled May 25th to diagnose and treat. I have been going by my period tracker and kindara app to BD around fertile days. I started taking ovulation tests for the past 3 cycles and never got a positive trading by CD 15 so I stopped after CD 15. Well this past month I decided to take 2 OPKs a day, sometimes 3, the whole cycle. I ended up getting a positive OPK on CD 21 and ovulated on CD 22 according to BBT temps, ovulation pain, and cm. I have to admit I was ecstatic to get that positive OPK!!! I told DH I was almost as happy to see that positive test as I would be to get a positive BFP. I'm not sure if I ovulate CD 22 every month or maybe I've been ovulating between cd 16-22 since I stopped testing after Cd 15.

The problem is I normally have 28-30 day cycles so ovulating later would mean I have a short luteal phase. Today is CD 29 and I'm having some spotting. I normally have spotting 2-3 days before period is due so I am super discouraged. I know it can possibly be implantation bleeding, but every two week wait for the past 7 months I have sworn I'm pregnant so I am starting to feel cynical and not think anything of it. Anyone else ovulate late and think they were pregnant or start their period? I wish my body would just follow the rules!!
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Re: Short luteal phase or just ovulating late?

Postby CRS3408 » Wed May 04, 2016 7:17 am

I'm currently doing some testing regarding having a short luteal phase, short cycle, and spotting. My cycles are only 22-24 days long and I O around CD12 but spot at least 3-4 days before af and sometimes throughout my entire lp. It's frustrating and I feel like it's something worth talking to your doctor about.

From what I've read, spotting before af and short lo phase means your body is shedding the uterine lining too fast because your body isn't allowing enough time for anything to implant; preventing pregnancy. I tried taking B6 to help with the spotting and short lp as I've read it can help and increase the lp length. I didn't see a change and it gave me bad headaches. Wasn't worth it for me.
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