HCG trigger shot - tested out? pregnant?

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HCG trigger shot - tested out? pregnant?

Postby Puertocan » Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:24 am

I am new to this forum. TTC since having my IUD removed in 2/2016 (8 months). After 6 months we started Clomid. This last cycle I did Clomid days 3-7, trigger shot on D13 and IUI on D14. (HCG trigger used was Ovudrel 250 mcg).

Trigger shot was Oct 23 and I ovulated that night
IUI was Oct 24 (free fluid on US and no follicles confirmed ovulation)

I have had positive pregnancy tests ever since the trigger (trigger contains HCG).

D1PO +
D2PO +
D3PO +
D4PO +
D5PO +
D6PO +
D7PO +
D11PO faint + in AM, repeat test 2 hours later looks negative

- Do you think I have already tested out my HCG shot and then became pregnant with chemical pregnancy x 1 day?

- Am I possibly still pregnant and it never really "tested out"?

Everything I have read about trigger shot seems to say the trigger should be gone btw 7-10 days.
Of note, I have had cramping yesterday and today which I think is unusual for me.
Breasts are sore which is more usual before AF comes :(
Me: 31
DH: 31

TTC #1 w/BBT & OPK since 2/2016 when IUD was removed
Cycle 1: IUI w/HCG trigger 6/2016
Cycle 2: Clomid 8/2016
Cycle 3: Clomid/IUI 10/2016
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