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NEW Here (Well FOR YEARS) My Story- CD 3 Testing OK On CD 4?

Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:54 am

Hi guys!!! I used to be on these boards when my 12 year old born from IUI with 6 mature eggs (I KNOW.. at that time I didn't know the risks, just thought I had a great chance & the RE told me nada). We do live & learn along the way, but desperation also clouds judgement, even though I did NOT end up on the Discovery Health channel, thankfully, but yet, ironically, I was pregnant again after TTC here for over 4 years via IUI with only ONE mature egg and have healthy fraternal twin girls. I was told ZERO chance of multiples, so kind of wacky, and they are NOT from the same egg... no way, (blonde/ brown eyes, brown hair/ green eyes, different face features, etc. LOL.) so if you are ever told that an egg is immature and unviable on or off of meds, don't count out, because actually the only 'mature one' was not hot and was shrinking down at the time of IUI, and I had two. Just a story of hope there. They held like no hope in their faces, trust me.. I knew that look.

ANYHOW, I had them at 34 and 1/2 years old, and I have endo, but they never said that stopped me from getting pregnant ONLY with IUI, as IUI (passing maybe the barrier- maybe my mucus, though they never tested) and stimulating the ovaries worked well, BUT I am ancient now in reproductive land (WAHHHH)... although I still feel 22, my eggs obviously cannot be, which hurts me, and so I know things aren't likely the same, as fertility, I know, has taken great decline and is by the month now, I am sure. (Maybe more, which SUCKS!!!!! Pardon my French. I feel like I still should have 5, 10 years left. At 29 I felt old to have a baby and now I laugh so hard. I was one, and 42 was so old, but now that I am here and busting with energy and love, I hate myself for those thoughts. BUT higher maternal and fetal risks are very real). Thing was, my husband has been out of work for 4 years now w/o pay, and we have struggled, A LOT and now he's finally going to be getting well-deserved payments and my 42nd birthday just really made me think BIG TIME, and the fact that money times WILL now get better, and my love for children is immense, and having my kids gone all day (work from home) has left me feeling so empty, I still want a shot, but I doubt it will be easy and there's no time to waste.

Sorry to make my intro. so long here, but last month when I went to my OBGYN he told me I can still have babies, which is funny w/o any testing, but it made me feel good at the time, wrong or right, and to come in this month for CD bloodwork, which I remember very well from the past. OK, sooooo... my appt. last time was on my CD 4, and he told me I could come this next cycle on CD 3, and I said 'what if I get caught on a weekend.... my luck' and (IT HAPPENED, LOL), and he said you can have it done on CD 4 then. (That would be today.) BUT, why didn't he just do it that day? I had my pap and all, and was there, adnd I did question it. He said during my exam I was not bleeding so.... WHO CARES??? I always stop for 1/2 a day on day 4 and then it resumes lightly until it leaves. CD 1 & 2 are my OMG I can't deal with the pain days. So, I am in the same place right this second, but this could have been done a month ago, but then I just went along with it because I figured I'd nail the day 3 and timing would be A+, but, obviously, that didn't transpire.

I can't find much online, but because of my age and my mental state (no, I am not crazy, I mean.. I want right answers, not wrong ones due to timing, or it would affect my mental state, lol, if that makes sense.) I don't wanna stress, worrying if these will be 100% accurate or if they can be off a bit because it is a tad late. They may say 2-4 but I read some doc's prefer day 2!!! I didn't think about this when I was confident about my results way back when, but now am more sensitive and def. want them to be right at this advanced age. I took urine FSH tests at home and was good, but it isn't the same.

Should I go in today or wait until CD 3 next cycle, PRAYING it doesn't fall on a weekend?? I'd go to an RE now, but my hubby is older than me, and he knows how I am feeling, but I am doing this as a stepping stone to the big talk.

We were sooooooooooooo in twin shock with our girls and of course, they come and there is nothing but happiness and you can't imagine one not being there after the fact, naturally, but it was scary along the way, risks, fear, as I lost a child when I was young which compounded things greatly, but were he scared too?? OMG yes!!!! I expected one, but I know now, God makes no mistakes, and wish I enjoyed my pregnancy more, as all turned out fine. A lot of people scared me along the way. (DON'T GOOGLE MOST THINGS, OR EVER LISTEN TO WAR STORIES - BIG PIECE OF ADVICE PLZ!!!) Hub be fine as is, but he would have been OK b4 the twins too with just one biological child, so we'd talk AFTER these results, but he does know it is on my mind and I have NOT been honest about it, with my clock not ticking, but 1/2 broken, since we needed a push back then, we'd need a bigger push POSSIBLY now, unless we got real lucky, but I know time is of the essence.

What would you do??? I wanna have these results b4 talking SA and RE with him. I am very frightened though. Anybody know if this is OK, and the results would be just as accurate? I also heard of a new test that can be done at ANY point in the cycle and gives more info. but I didn't know about it to mention it last month and maybe it is an RE thing, but it is just a blood test too, which sounds awesome. Anybody know anything about that one?

Thanks bunches for reading all of this. BABY DUST TO EVERYBODY HERE!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL VERY SOON!!!!!!!


Re: NEW Here (Well FOR YEARS) My Story- CD 3 Testing OK On C

Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:13 am

Doctors say cd2-5 but you are right most doctors prefer cd2 ,I think you should definitely wait until your next cycle just to have your mind at ease that you did it the “right “ way.
Age has an impact on the egg quality but it doesn’t hurt to try .
Good luck to you!!

Re: NEW Here (Well FOR YEARS) My Story- CD 3 Testing OK On C

Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:45 am

Yes, Lord knows I do not need ADDED stress of hearing a not absolutely accurate result. I mean.. it is what it is, but you don't wanna get a result and wonder 'was it SPOT ON RIGHT??' I'd likely want another, whether it came out bad OR good at that point, just because, but this BETTER not happen again. It's not an RE (yet) so on weekends there is no place to run too, like when I needed IUI and it was Thanksgiving (naturally). RE's are way more accommodating, but even that one I never expected, but got it done. AHH, to be your age again! I had an U/S last month on day 4. I was also asking for an HSG as it has been many years since I had that test done, and he said 'you don't need it'. OK, has U/S replaced HSG tests nowadays???? He said my uterus and ovaries are perfect and healthy & that I do have time, which I was like 'Uh-huh', then he asked 'why would we wanna start over again.' Let me add that I had a different OB for 15 years that retired and this guy I have only seen twice. My old doc used to take bloods all the time but he said if my regular CBC came out normal it isn't necessary unless I wanted fertility testing, and I said 'YES!'. Just because his kids are fully grown and he's going to go sailing around the world, doesn't mean other people don't have other plans. I was a tad ticked, but he came highly recommended, I just don't know w/o a test how he can say that menopause is WAY off and I have time and my chances are decreased with age but it surely can happen.

He didn't even mention seeing an RE, but I want this test and then to go to an RE, as after the results one way or another, I think an RE will need be involved.. maybe iui would work again maybe not, but I don't have 10 years to sit on my hands like he made it out to be. And I know things can change over time and so I didn't think asking for an HSG was wrong of me. You can't see absolutely everything the test shows on u/s or there would be no test, and I have had it. SHEESH! IDK, but he may just be a good PAP doc, but can't waste time beyond this test and then we'll really talk (me and dh) and hopefully, move forward, which I would do right this second. This is what happens when you marry older and then decide you aren't done, but he's not dead set against it. I was 25 when we met so age played no role back then.



Re: NEW Here (Well FOR YEARS) My Story- CD 3 Testing OK On C

Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:47 pm

Thank you.
I don’t know if he knew your history or not but if you do decide to go to the iui rute yes an hsg should be done just to be sure.
I guess he saw some follies growing on ur scan and that is why he wasn’t worried?!
Will u be having the amh test done as well?!
Age is just a number and as long as you feel you can have another baby you should do it.
All I can say is good luck.

Re: NEW Here (Well FOR YEARS) My Story- CD 3 Testing OK On C

Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:37 am

(Sorry, I have a lot of things going on right now.. none good but non-TTC related, that have taken up my time and emotion right now.) You are such a sweetie THANK-YOU! I did NOT have the AMH test done thru him, but through my REGULAR doctor, when I went for a physical last week, I asked for that, as I hear it is more accurate and can be done anytime. So, guess you could say.. SICK OF WAITING FOR CD3, LOL. BUT I have not gotten any word back yet and am DYING over here waiting to know. Funny, cause the female nurse knew of the test I was requesting but my doc, who is a LONG TIME GP & CARDIO DOC. had nooo clue when she told him the name of the test. GUYS, LOL. But yeah, what would it hurt to have an HSG done??? It's only causing me some slight discomfort and they are getting paid, so yeah.. IDK. IT IS NOT the OBGYN I had my others with who knew EVERYTHING, as I was a bit rushed and have only seen him twice, but perhaps, he did see follies?? But still.. I would not at all mind another HSG test at my age.

I will let you know the results. Hub got a call for his bloodwork yesterday, so maybe today? UGH, lol. I appreciate your help hun! I remember being your age and thinking that was old.. PLEASE DO NOT THINK THAT WAY OR FEEL OLD INT HE LEAST. When you are 42, like me you will say 'wow, I was so young' and also you will say, 'hey, I still feel and act the same way!' You'll be a mommy... I feel it in my bones, and when I used to be on here at your age, I was right sooo many times. They loved when I chimed in. I get good vibes and they normally pan out, except I am clueless when it comes to ME, LOL. Good things are coming your way :). Well deserved things!


PS- I AM SOOO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS!!! I think, and people tell me this all of the time, that when I lost my son that God gave back with twins, even though completely shocked by twins... unexpected... one of my twins actually looks sooo much like my son eventhough she is a female. I think God will provide you, and no there are NEVER any replacements, BUT I do think you will have multiple children and a very good life!!! I AGAIN have really great vibes. I wish you nothing but a H&H full-term pregnancy!!!!!!

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