Low Baseline HCG = Late BFP?

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Low Baseline HCG = Late BFP?

Postby LittleLisette » Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:38 pm

I am currently between 12-14dpo, and got a BFN yesterday with fmu. My LP has been 10 days in the past, and my body continues to show signs of elevated progesterone, moreso than what is typical for me (sore nipples, sore bbs, pulsing ovary, heavy & swollen bbs). I'm wondering about the possibility for a late bfp, as I know from previous betas that my baseline HCG is <1... Is there still hope? Any insight is greatly appreciated!
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Re: Low Baseline HCG = Late BFP?

Postby Mariewinsin » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:40 am

Hey there. I hope that you're doing good. So you're 12-14 dpo. Yes low hcg can result in late bfp. Well, HCG level starts to climb the during the first two weeks of pregnancy. Such hormone can be evident in a pregnant woman’s first-morning urine in as early as two weeks next to a missed monthly period. The HCG level a pregnant woman originally starts at extremely low. The baseline of HCG level is 5 miU/ml. It's actually in the first weeks of conception. However, such level doubles in every 24 to 36hours. It can be noted further that the HCG level can be impressively high to the point of having it obvious in expecting mom’s urine. So if you're having a low hcg but high progesterone level, it can be implantation. Progesterone level usually makes the uterus receptive for a implantation. Maybe you checked too early. Wait for some time. It will be fine. I hope that the future brings best to you. Take care of yourself. Much love.
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Re: Low Baseline HCG = Late BFP?

Postby donnawilliam » Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:19 am

How are you feeling now? I hope you are well. I am sorry to know about BFN. In your situation, most of the times, it takes time to have BFP. But you don't need to worry.
As you have explained your situation, there are still many hopes there. You just have to keep yourself strong, calm, and positive. I would suggest you visit an experienced doctor. He will be the best person to help you in this situation. There are ways out there to help you since the medical field has advanced a lot.
You must visit some good doctor, get yourself checked. Start the treatment which the doctor recommends for you. You will be having your own babies soon. Don't lose hopes, stay positive. Wishing you luck and success in future.
Lots of baby dust on your way. More power to you.
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