Awful period cycled & vitamin D

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Awful period cycled & vitamin D

Postby Debbkinz » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:39 am

Hi ladies!,hope your all well!, so this month for the first time ever I thought I was actually in with being pregnant, for af to show at 29day instead of her 31-32!, absolutely heartbreaking for us again!

So, I’ve been looking all over various baby groups etc and looking for vitamins I can take that can help me an my hubby!, we, so I mean HE thought the problem was him!?? So he had a sa and everything’s ok!
So now it’s me, but tbh my periods are all over the bloody show, so I kinda guessed would be me?? We’re waiting for a date to see the infertility clinic!.. but anyhow.... my periods have ranged over 3 years from 28 - 36!,yup.. fun!, thus being I don’t have a clue when/if I blimmin ovulate!,I’ve done pee sticks and we have bed but obviously hasn’t worked, I also work nights so I can’t really temp now!? Unless I change to days lol, so 2weeks ago I started taking vit d & calcium tablets with hubby, 2daily :) and iron aswell, and obviously my Aunt Flo has come at 29days!? Which is very unusual and she is very very light,with TMI, little tiny stringy clots??? Yesterday I was in the worse pain I have ever had with my periods,wondering if it was in fact implantation, but I very much doubt it! Periods still very light, I’m actually wearing a pad and I usually hve a moon cup??
Have any of you taken vitamin d for your periods to be regulated???? Thanks ladies
Sorry for long winded post
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Re: Awful period cycled & vitamin D

Postby alins » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:48 am

Hello all. I am very sad these days. I can't even sleep well. NO one can understand what I am going through. I know all I need is to stay calm. I want to share this so that your time and money is not wasted. I contacted a clinic Lotus. I mailed them. That was a number of emails. They didn't reply to the single email. I called them they were very rude at the call. They play with ones feeling. They don't know what other person is going through. They are scammers. I suggest staying away from them. That will save your time and money.
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