60th TTC cycle..what i've learned and wish i knew earlier

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60th TTC cycle..what i've learned and wish i knew earlier

Postby madmarmar » Wed May 02, 2018 2:06 pm

Hi y'all. I'm not-so-patiently getting through my TWW so I thought I'd reflect on what I've learned along our infertility journey.

Our stats: I'm 33, husband is 36, been TTCing for baby #1 for 60 cycles, but have been off bcp for probably 7+ years. I have unexplained infertility, long-ish cycles (around 34-39 days), and have tried acupuncture, charting, temping, chinese medicine, and done lots of bloodwork/hsg/other tests to try and pinpoint my reproductive issues. Husband is a healthy guy, but recently had a bad count at our first iui appointment. We plan to meet with a specialist to get a really thorough SA done if this TWW results in a BFN (this cycle was first iui, 3rd clomid cycle, 1st trigger shot cycle).

What I wish I did after 12 cycles: See my doctor, and don't take the "your young" explanation at it's face value. Educate myself on female and male reproductive issues. Stay healthy, stay active, don't drink as much, don't stress out as much.

What I wish I did between the 24-48th cycles: Relax. Enjoy your time with your husband as a family of two. Enjoy your friends and family pregnancy announcements. Don't let TTC overwhelm your life! Don't wait so long to try fertility meds and more intense procedures! Don't share your experiences with too many people; if friends/family haven't been through TTCing this long or fertility issues, they don't always understand or offer helpful advice. Seek support in a friendly/knowledgeable online community of women who are going through the same stuff.

What I wish I did after the 48th cycle: Hurry up and get serious. Save money for IVF. Pay off your credit cards. Your dreams of having 4+ kids may be too luxurious based on your age and your retirement age goal. Get another dog.

What I hope I do my next cycle: Keep advocating for self and husband with medical providers and insurance companies. Ask questions. Seek second opinions. Pray more. Relax more. Stay healthy. GET ANOTHER DOG!
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Re: 60th TTC cycle..what i've learned and wish i knew earlie

Postby Danaa » Wed May 02, 2018 2:51 pm

Love this!!!!
Good luck,hope you get that bfp really soon!!
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Re: 60th TTC cycle..what i've learned and wish i knew earlie

Postby Whitters239 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:05 am

sending you so much love. You have given such great advice. Hoping you get a BFP soon.
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Re: 60th TTC cycle..what i've learned and wish i knew earlie

Postby Caprice » Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:58 am

This is really nice of you. Thank you for sharing this info, hun!
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