TTC for over a year.

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TTC for over a year.

Postby LoveYou » Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:33 pm

Hey everyone! Hope everyones okay.
I'm new to this forum, okay so abit about me, I'm 20 years old, husband is 33. We are both healthy to our knowledge. We have been ttc for over a year now, nearly two years in November. I havent used any sort of birth control method whatsoever. Bow your going to think why I havent been to get treatment, there were a few personal problems related to that. But now we want to get proffesional help. I've made a doctors appointment which we will both be attending to. I just want to mention that I have unbearably painful periods, a week before I start my symptoms are as follows; extreme breast pain, extreme thigh, back, abdominal pain, some pain in my shoulders. I also have a problem called hairsuitism, which in case anyone is not familiar with is abnormal anounts of hair in places where it shouldnt be! Ive been to the hospital about this and they thought I might just have PCOS, but they said that is unlikely however as I have a period every month. I have a 36 day cycle according to my mobile app "Ovia". I know, i know, I havent been very good at tracking my cycles and everything even though we have been having unprotected sex for almost two years. This is the only cycle where I have paid attention to whats going on and when im ovulating etc etc.

Anyways this is getting wuite long, I got a ovulation test today and tested, faint line after a few minutes that was this afternoon, tested now during the evening and its faint then last time. What could this suggest? Does it mean i coukd be ovulating now, or ovulation has passed.. I really need help on what to do to conceieve! Im going nuts about this whole thing. Oh,want to mention hubby got tested abroad his semen count was around 20/25million whereas i heard the normal count is 60-80 million ???? What can I do.. I feel as if im not making any sense but oh well. Ill post it anyhow, any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: TTC for over a year.

Postby Danaa » Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:37 pm

You should post in the general ttc section to get more answers.
A faint line on a opk doesn't mean anything,for the opk to be positive the test line has to be darker or as dark as the control line.
Opks should be taken with afternoon urine at least two times a day.
Ur husbands count was kinda low,how many day of abstinence?Didnt they tested the motility and mobility?!Those are important as well.
Ur long cycles means ovulation happens after cd20.
My advice to you see a doctor have ur hormones and ur tubes tested and also ur husband needs to re do his SA.
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Re: TTC for over a year.

Postby Caprice » Sat Jan 26, 2019 11:23 am

I'm really sorry to hear about your story. Looks like you've had it quite tough! You don't deserve going through all this! It would be a better idea to get more tests done. Maybe, even consider alternatives, like assisted conception, maybe? Good luck to you on this journey! I really hope it ends soon and ends with a happy result.
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Re: TTC for over a year.

Postby hannahdavid » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:51 am

Your husband's count is a little concerning. Maybe you should get the vitamins for him. Also, ask him to reduce his caffeine intake. Other than I would suggest that you get HCG test done. This is something that is really important. Good luck to you. Don't worry I am sure things will get better. Just make sure to visit the right doctor.
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Re: TTC for over a year.

Postby AmySmith » Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:30 am

It would be a better idea to consult your doctor and get more detailed check-ups done. Something doesn't seem to check out. It's better to stay on the safe side. Don't wait up on it. It's better to resolve all these issues as early as possible. Good luck to you! I hope things get better for you.
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