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Postby kaidanariko » Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:00 pm

this is beyond a miracle!

we were told that our babe had VACTERL and would need to be emergency rushed into or after birth for him to be able to eat because they didnt think his esophagus was attached to his stomach, his first few weeks were set up full of scans and operations appointments and a whole family relocated miles and miles away from the rest of the family.

they gave us a less than one in one million of a chnce of this being a fluke and him not heeding anything, that he just didnt swallow.

well they couldnt figure out what was wronag, and she spotted all first tri, and no mucous plug well they found it, it was formed in his esophagus! thats why he didnt drink any fluid and why they though he was so sick!


they gave us almost a one in a million chance that he just didnt swallow any fluid, and that he wouldnt need surgery. well all of the first trimester there was spotting and no mucous plug. well they found it.

for whatever reason it devellopped in his esophagus, so he couldnt swallow. when he was born they took him for all the testing and suctioned him and hes breasfeedinging like a champ, and he can eat! all on his own, no tubees no surgery no nothing!

His arm is still kinda messed up, and theyre talking about amputating it above the elbow if it dosnt fix itself (he is missing his radius, his ulna is curved, his elbow bends in the opposite direction, and he only has his thumb and first two fingers) due to its odd angle if its not functional it may be more hazardous then usefull and snagging in things and may get dammaged, theyre waiting a while to see if it can be corrected, but they cant realy do anything with it till hes grown surgically, but we dont know. thats touch and go. other than that hes all there all 10 toes, and all...8 fingers....

even with his little ET thing going on we all love him to pieces, and even though he will have issues with math in school (comeon i have to joke about it....its too heavy not too) prognosis looks good!
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