Prayers requested...going crazy!

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Prayers requested...going crazy!

Postby lyndsshehorn » Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:35 am

I usually start my period on time. It seems like since we've been trying to conceive, that I tend to be "late" on a period. Can that really happen? Is my mind playing tricks, or am I pregnant?
I had a period on December 21st. I think I have a 28 day cycle. I was supposed to start January 18th. I took at test the 17th and negative. I had a few symptoms like being tired, a constant cramping in my lower abdomen, and exhaustion. It all seemed to go away a few days ago. I just now decided to start charting because my heart is breaking and I'm willing to try anything and everything for our precious baby girl or boy. I think I ovulated on January 4th. I am now three days late on my period. I took a test tonight and it was negative. I started tracking my temp in the morning too.
Jan 17 97.8 temp
Jan 18 97.2 temp
Jan 19 98.0 temp
Jan 20 98.1 temp
Jan 21 98.1 temp

I don't know what to do is my previous post that I wanted to share.

Jan 22 I STILL haven't started. I am now almost five whole days late. I took a test yesterday and it was negative. I'm now 19DPO or so I think. (I've never charted until this month.) I have a constant feeling of cramping almost, like a UTI in my lower abdomen. Could I still be pregnant? I've never skipped a period! I'm praying to God I am. I cried last night because I lost hope, but after calling the doctor today...she told me to wait until Friday to see what happens and if nothing, they'll give me a bloodtest. Could I really be this late and it still now show up on a test?
STILL no period. I had one tiny piece of blood when I checked my cervix last night and that is it!

Jan 23 I'm now going on six days late. The doctor said to wait until Friday and then to take another test, and to call them if it's negative and they'll do bloodwork and an ultrasound. I have a constant feeling in my lower ab. It almost feel like pressure or a way, it kinda feels like a UTI. Any ideas? My BBT dropped back down to the 97 range yesterday. It's 97.8 today. What is happening to me? Pregnant? I'm so scared that I'm having a miscarriage. Someone told me that these were the symptoms!

Please pray for me to have some peace of mind. I am the same person that posted about a new couple TTC for six months. We want this so badly!
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Postby TDarrow » Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:25 am


I hate what your going through. Be strong and keep your chin up. try to stay positive. I know it is so hard. I thought for sure this month was the month for us but nope not even close. My body played so many tricks on me, I got my hopes up only to get shot down. I know how you feel but there is always hope. God has a plan for us. You seem to have a good heart and you are very deserving. Your time will come. I have decided to stop obesssing and no monitoring this up coming month and just relax. I can be so very impatient and the heart ache I felt yesterday did me in. So now on to Plan B "chill out and relax" let God take over. I'm hoping that will work for me. :-) You are in my thoughts and prayers and you never know maybe the reason Af has stayed away is because you are PG. I hope and pray so. If not there is always next month. Don't give up faith and hope. Good luck to you and God Bless!!
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God Bless!!

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Postby aspire4BFP » Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:35 am

praying you get answers soon, I agree with PP, dont ever give up hope,faith... DH and I have been together for almost 11 years, and we actually started trying very young, it has not happened yet, but I have faith that he is working through my new wonderul doctor, that I ended up with on accident but is very actively working with us!!! I gave up before, and this time, I am fighting my battle, everyone has battles and this is ours. God Bless!
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