Need some prayers/some support

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Need some prayers/some support

Postby GennaTTC » Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:22 pm

Hi everyone...I just started my 3rd Ivf cycle this past Tuesday. Previously I've done 5 cycles of clomid, 1 double IUI cycle, a cancelled IVF cycle due to OHSS, an FET, and a fresh IVF cycle. I've had 3 chemical pregnancies. 1 with my first clomid cycle, and 2 with both my FET and my last fresh IVF cycle.

I'm asking for prayers and support because this IVF cycle is really critical. After my last failed cycle, my doctor did a work up of tests for implantation failure. I had 12 vials of blood drawn for various testing. Turns out I am + for MTHFR (a clotting won't have proper blood supply to your uterus without blood thinners. This is a genetic mutation). And I had my karyotype done (chromosomes) and it came back that I was + for a balanced translocation of chromosome 5 and 10. Basically that means that part of my #5 and #10 chromosome's gene material broke off and switched positions. I will be healthy and have no issues, except infertility :cry: due to it. So in comes resuce PGD...or pre-genetic diagnosis. So with this IVF cycle, on day 3 my lab will draw out or biopsy the embryo and take one cell from each and send it to the genetic lab where they will determine which embryos are "normal" or ok to transfer by looking for my translocation. With balanced translocations, you have about an 85% chance that each egg is "unbalanaced" or has more/less gene material, therefore at fertilization, creating a mentally and/or physically challenged child. And more than likely those pregnancies will be miscarried. So the PGD testing eliminates that. If I have "normal" one/s come back, those will get transferred on day 5.

The problem is with my age at 34, the chance of getting even a couple "normal" embryos, is very 10% or less. Even my genetic counselor said its a crap shoot. I can have 5 normals, or I can have 0...its the luck of the draw. Percentages don't even really apply in this situation because everyone is different. My husband just turned 40, so after this, we are probably going to shelf all of the infertility treatments.

I just ask for prayers and support as I go through the next 2 weeks. If for some reason I have no "normals" to transfer, I have 2 frozen untested embryos that I will transfer. Who knows if those are good or bad.

So that's my story...just looking for some people to virtually hold my hand in the meantime. I've done yoga and acupuncture for the past 10 weeks trying to help relax and focus and its been wonderful. So I've got that going for me.

Thanks again :hb:
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Postby Emerald05 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:51 pm

Genna, I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers!

I hope you get TONS of super healthy and strong embyros! :praying:
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Postby orionslight » Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:25 am

praying for you
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