DH's sperm count is 0 - please pray for us!

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DH's sperm count is 0 - please pray for us!

Postby Betti » Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:43 am

Hi there

We haven't been trying all that long but my OB was kind enough to check things out for us. Bloodwork was done for me and everything was fine fertility wise. However, DH went for sperm analysis yesterday and his count was 0 in the whole sample. He has been referred to a urologist. There are several things that could cause the 0 sperm count:

Varicocele (unlikely, but hopefully - it can be fixed quite easily)
Antibodies that attack sperm (don't know if this can be fixed)
Hormone imbalances (can be fixed with pills)
Sperm duct defect (probably can't be fixed)
Chromosome defects (Klinefelter syndrome - cannot be fixed)

Would whoever reads this post please pray that it's something that can be fixed? We are so very scared that he's completely sterile - all I ever wanted was his children - can't imagine having a child that's not his (donor sperm).

Thank you!
Stopped BCP end January 2012 = TTC 15 months
Me - 28, DH - 29
Regular 30-31 day cycles
Insulin resistant but ovulating "like a machine" according to OBGYN and FS
DH has Azoospermia (0 sperm in semen) - initial diagnosis September 2012
Our only chance at a biological baby is through TESE/mTESE and IVF/ICSI
DH going for testicular biopsy in 2013/14 to see if they can find sperm - saving up money for it.
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Postby all-cried-out » Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:45 am

Praying for you here. hope you get your miriacle. xx
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