Stressed so why not stress me out more!!

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Stressed so why not stress me out more!!

Postby Baby_Beebee » Mon May 05, 2014 6:48 am

We have been TTC for 1 1/2 years. Which is fine I'm only 30 not super concerned at this point. We try every month and I try not to stress about it but the ttw gets me hyped every time. In Jan. of this year my mom was told she has cirrhosis of the liver. She's an alcoholic and she must quit drinking ASAP. She goes in spurts of quitting but always goes back. I no longer live at home and am a hour away, My brother is 3 hours away. I don't really talk to my brother in the past 4 years other than a text for holidays and birthdays it's been quiet. Until my mom got told she had cancer (this was untrue and it was the liver) then he wanted to know what the doctors were saying via me. He felt my parents would sugar coat it which they probably would have. This past week I got a call saying I need to talk to mom about her still drinking. Now my brother is 12 years older than me. He told me that she has stated the only thing she has to look forward to is me giving her a grandchild. My brother got "fixed" so he's not helping me out with the Grandchild thing anymore. So I feel like there is now an added stress to trying to get preggo :o( How do you tell your Mom she has to stop drinking cuz you want her to not only see the baby but be there for years and also that if she doesn't stop drinking you won't ever trust her with the baby :o( I know I should just come out and say it but that can also cuz her to hit the bottle even harder if she is hurt. My dad is not really helping either as they still keep alcohol in the house :o( UGH!! The poor kid isn't even conceived and I feel it holds my mom's life it it's hands.
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