TTC for 11 months....

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TTC for 11 months....

Postby Rosethurston » Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:03 pm

So my husband and I have been ttc since the end of June 2013. We got married in April 2013 and during the time before I had two doses of the shot depo proveRa. The shot "wore off" last June. I know some people say it takes a long time to really get out of your system, but I had regular periods right away and am 85% sure I've been ovulating regularly. I also might have endometriosis, I haven't had a laparoscopy but that's what the doctors think, and I know that messes with fertility but I know it will be a while until I can get surgery or other treatment. I just really want a baby and it seems like there is so much up against me to stop me from getting pregnant, we put it in Gods hands so I should trust him, but I sometimes feel ALMOST hopeless. I don't lose hope conetely because I know everything is in his hands but it is discouraging. Any prayers or advice or successes would be greatly appreciated :)

(I'm also 19 so I'm a healthy age and already have one son, but it did take 10 mos to get pregnant with him) wasn't trying but it was 10 mos of unprotected sex.
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