TTC #1 after mc

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TTC #1 after mc

Postby LizyC » Mon Sep 29, 2014 6:11 pm

Hello to all. I became pregnant on my 3rd cycle of trying and couldn't be happier. By weeks 6-10 I had the worst case of morning (all day) sickness so I assumed all was fine as they say as long as you feel sick the baby's fine. Nope. I wish my clinic had taken me in as early as 8 weeks so I wouldn't have had to believe I was fine for another extra 4 weeks. At week 12 I had my first appointment but literally 2 days before I went to the ER with spotting and cramps. The sonogram should an empty sac. They even thought I was only 5 weeks along since that's what the sac looks like (empty) at such a young phase. The next day I experienced the most horrific pain and bleeding ever. I went into "labor" for 5 hours while everything came out. Sorry tmi. The pain in my heart was worse of course. I spotted for 3 weeks after that. Felt like longer.
Moving forward to 6 weeks later and I took an opk and it was positive. I figured I'm finally ovulating. By what I thought was 7dpo I got my period. I was devastated. I'm guessing my "positive" ovulation was due to pregnancy hormones still in my body since it's not normal to have a period 7 days after ovulation, not for me anyways. I had a period for 10 days plus 3 more days of spotting while It normally only lasts 4. I finally got a positive opk on cycle day 15, marking the 16th day as day of ovulation and am currently on 3 days past ovulation.
I'm terrified I won't fall pregnant again or soon (I'm 33), and so afraid I'll have to go through this again. I just needed to hear others' success stories after miscarriage. Sorry it's so long it's just, I haven't vented to anyone who's experienced this. Sending love and luck to all. Thanks for reading my novel. :) :P
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Re: TTC #1 after mc

Postby klcarroll » Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:14 pm

I was just browsing this site and its boards and came across your message. I am going to share my story with you because it is very similar to yours.
My husband and I have been together for a very long time, and we got married in sept of 2008. We had been ttc for a long time, before and after we were already married, with no success. We finally had myself checked out first, to make sure that my ovaries and/or uterus were ok. Turns out they both were fine, and I wasn't the problem. We thought ok, let's get him checked. Before we could, I found out I was pregnant in Dec of 2011. Very estatic, people crying, the whole deal.
Hcg was rising, made it to my first OB appt at I think it was 10 weeks (at my clinic they don't see you before that because they wouldn't be able to pick much up at that stage at an u/s).
She checked everything out, including a bedside u/s, which mind you, are not that great to begin with. The look on her face pretty much said it all right there, but she didn't want to get into detail without confirming via higher tech u/s. Went to that, turns out it was a blighted ovum, where there was a sac but no baby. The date was the middle of January 2012. Shortly after my appts were over, I started bleeding a little bit at home, and before I knew it, the bleeding was coming fast and I was experiencing some pain that I never want to wish on anyone. Called my doc, she asked if I wanted 1 of 3 things: to pass naturally, a pill, or d & c. I chose naturally just to see if it would. Everything came out ok. Went back to see her afterwards and she advised me to wait through 1 cycle before trying again, just to give my body a chance to bounce back from the m/c. I said ok, but by surprise, I found out I was pregnant at the end of February that same year. I now have a beautiful baby girl who will be 2 in December. Pretty flawless pregnancy, nothing really went wrong, and she was a natural birth at 8lbs 13oz :)
So I am just here to say, that miracles do really truly happen, and my miracle is sleeping in her bed :)
You will get yours, trust me. Just give it time, when your body is ready, you will have your miracle.
So now we are ttc #2 and at 4.5wks it didn't make it. Harder this time because there was a heartbeat and everything this time around. I'm kind of at a loss about the whole thing right now, and I'm trying to stay positive and tell myself what I just told you :)
Anyways I wish you the bestest of luck in your ttc future, and may you actually get to hold your bundle of joy someday! :D
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Re: TTC #1 after mc

Postby Tinleykayewash » Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:18 pm

Miracles, they do happen. I've been TTC #1 just like you for a very long time. I had a miscarriage after my first ever BFP at 8 weeks. I took a year off from TTC to do some soul searching and truly find myself. Man, how free and happy I feel! The hubs and I have finally took some vacations and crossed a few things off my list of "TO DO IN LIFE" list. LOL. What I'm trying to say is to enjoy each day and take the time to receive each blessing that God has for you. I know my blessings aren't in the order that everyone else has and definently not the same time frame (30 here) but he will pour out blessings upon you when it is time for this miracle to happen. In the mean time why not enjoy life and forget about the stresses of TTC? I will be praying for you. I'm about to be ovulating so if you want a TWW buddy let me know! I will also add that my body seems to be "better" after my miscarriage, as I am now ovulating on my own, my temps are higher and my PMS symptoms are better. I have spent a lot of time in prayer for healing, and praise God for that!
My Ovulation Chart

Me 32, DH 36
BFP 1st cycle Clomid 8/13 BFP
MC 10/13 @ 8 weeks
12/14 2nd Clomid Cycle: BFN
5/15-1/16 50 MG CLOMID....ALL BFN cd 21 progesterone 34
1/16 100 MG CLOMID- BFP 10DPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! progesterone @ 4dpo=43
Beta # 1 22dpo= 5600 HCG 50 Prog.
DD born: 10/13/16 7 lbs. 14 oz.!!!!
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