40 and still hoping

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40 and still hoping

Postby WannaPeanut » Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:21 pm

My ovaries are SCREAMING AT ME TODAY. I'm sitting here at work...my 40 yr old body reminding me that I still ovulate, but I can't fall PG. We have a miracle 6yr old son and we lost a baby at 9wks in May 2012. We really want another child, but the last tests from my fertility doc indicated my ovarian reserve was crap and my FSH was horrid too. The missed miscarriage indicated an abnormal pregnancy where the baby stopped forming after 5wks, so I just had tissue mass. Still it was a baby in our hearts that was just not going to make it to birth and we miss that angel every.single.day.

I am SCARED of falling PG again. Of another pregnancy loss, but I am still yearning for another child. How many women here have gotten PG 40+? I need hope!
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surprise natural BFP 3.26.08 !!!
Miracle son born 11/18/2008 - our Thanksgiving Miracle

Angel baby: 05/21/2013 - Missed MC at 9wks4d- D&C :(
08/2013 - green light to TTC #2 again and been trying ever since.
Diagnosed with low AMH - basically I have low ovarian reserve so we need another miracle!
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Re: 40 and still hoping

Postby KTBrown » Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:43 am

I believe in our God and his desire to bless us to carry children, he isn't bound by numbers or restrictions and therefore your age means nothing to him. Your fertility difficulties can be combated by natural methods and I highly recommend seeing a homeopathic doctor for ways to enhance your chances.

Yes you lost a child and that baby is forever yours just happens to be that his/her home wasn't where you wanted it to be. Waiting in heaven and one day you"ll see him.

This song "praise is what I do" really helped shape my attitude toward pain and Hannah knew pain like this too. Don't lose confidence in God and speak over your life blessings rather then curses. Claim health and believe in fertility; do everything you naturally can and then watch God work another miracle!!!!
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Re: 40 and still hoping

Postby stefknow » Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:51 am

You are definitely not alone. As I know there are still a lot of women who are over 35 and want to have a child. The thing is that you have to know how to increase the chance of getting pregnant. I share some links below about how to boost fertility, hope this help! And Good luck!

4 Must-Dos When You Are Trying to Conceive- http://www.knowhen.com/index.php/2015-0 ... o-conceive
8 Ways to Boost Your Fertility- http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/8-ways- ... -fertility
10+ Ways to Boost Your Fertility- http://www.parents.com/getting-pregnant ... fertility/
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Re: 40 and still hoping

Postby heyD_jamie » Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:43 am

Hello there. You truly are not alone. I have turned 40 last month. My husband and i have been married for 6 years and it was on our 4th year when we took this seriously--to get pregnant. Everytime i got that negative test result, frustration just swallows me whole. But we never stopped praying for a baby. My ob gyne told me that my ovaries are just fine except for the subserous mayoma which was not really that significant on our TTC. I am due to have my period in 3-5 days from now. Symptoms like fatigue, mild abdominal cramping, tolerable lower back pains, joint pains on fingers, lesser appetite, bloating and gas then today sore throat. Now my CM is milky watery. Just this early i had a ver ahort but vivid dream that i was carrying on one arm our neighbour's baby. I've been reading alot of articles regarding these symptoms. Its getting me so confused. Again still praying, hoping this time that i got this feeling right that it's a BFP! Showering babydusts to all!
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Re: 40 and still hoping

Postby mamabear1 » Fri Nov 13, 2015 2:17 pm

Yes i do believe in miracles.
Yes i do believe natural therapies can boost fertility.
But i also do believe that you need to think about how long you are willing to wait, what steps you'd be prepared to take to have another, and if you would be okay if you weren't blessed with another miracle. You may very well have thought of all this.

I "wasted" 2yrs and more than $7000 on natural therapies and potions that i truly believed would work for us. My AMH was actually pretty good for my age but there are dealing with mfi. After all that hope, effort and cost = Nothing. Husbands SA actually went down, not up. I have prayed and prayed and have lost more than my faith. It's very easy to have faith and see miracles when your prayers have been answered. I am now 41.

If my dh permitted it, i would've embarked on ivf ages ago but no such luck. If you are open to fertility treatment i would strongly urge you not to delay this. If you are opposed and would be happy to live with the one beautiful blessing you have, then there is no harm trying a natural approach. It just might work for you.
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