I'm Very Upset And Sad

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I'm Very Upset And Sad

Postby SierraTtc » Sun Nov 01, 2015 7:00 am

I Can't Help It I've Been Trying For So Long I'm Only 19 But I'm So Desperate And Becoming Jealous And Scared And Even More Regretful About My Abortion When I Was 16 .m 19 and I don't think I can get pregnant because I have been trying for a year and nothing has happened it has to be something wrong. And 4 months ago my period just disappeared I stopped getting it. I started taking FERTILAID about 2 weeks ago I'm taking it correctly because I'm desperate I have sex with my boyfriend every other day or sometimes everyday his sperm count is not low its me and I know it . I'm about 160 pounds when I got pregnant when I was 16 I was about 145 pounds. WILL FERTILAID HELP ME OR AM I WASTING MY TIME ? AND ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS I HAVE NO MEDICAL INSURANCE YET . CAN SOMEONE MAYBE TELL ME WHAT MIGHT BE WRONG ? I don't want to talk to my bf about this I really am wanting to give up I try to keep my stress down but it seems like I have a hard time doing that. Anything will help I really don't want to cry about this but I tear up and try my best to be positive about this. I know I shod go to a doctor but I have no insurance yet .
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Re: I'm Very Upset And Sad

Postby judenessa1023 » Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:58 am

I've been ttc for 2 years. I just started fertilaid on Oct 17 which was two days b4 ovulation. I'm still taking it and my cycle should start in 2 days. I'm having breast tenderness so I doubt I'm pregnant. Thereso so many fertilaid success stories. Staying hopeful
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Re: I'm Very Upset And Sad

Postby IndigoBirds » Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:04 am

I think one of the important things here is to consider spending some time regrouping. Worrying isn't going to do anything but get you worked up, and possibly even hysterical. When you're stressed it's not helping your conception. That might not sound very helpful, but I hope you can find a way to start breathing. Can you look up in your area if there are any places that do cost-bases acupuncture? We have one where i live in Colorado, and they take payments as low as $25 per session. It's worth looking into, and it will very much help. You can ask for fertility support and stress management.

While you're working on that, start taking a look at some other ways to support yourself during this time: Make sure you're going to bed and getting as close to 8 hours a night as you can. If you smoke, or drink, consider cutting those out (and quitting, if you can help it). Go on a nice, brisk walk every other day (or every day!) Try queuing up some meditation/relaxation music on YouTube (free!) and sitting down in a quiet place for like, 10-30 minutes a day. If you struggle with the stillness, grab a cheap coloring book from WalMart and spend 30 minutes a night coloring (it does the same thing to your brain, and will hopefully help calm you down).

Look up some information online about changing your eating habits, also. Foods that help support fertility are going to be more vegtables/fruits, and less carbs and dairies. Those can be easy fixes as well. You might also go to a local natural grocer and pick up some Progest (or related product), which is a progesterone cream (I strongly suggest reading up on this, however, or considering trying to speak to a fertility specialist. Express that you are uninsured with them immediately, and also indicate your goals (pregnancy) and ask them what they can help you with).

One thing you might want to consider - and you might not like hearing this, is taking a break from trying. Get your stress managed and your insurance situation sorted out before you dive into having your baby. You will have SO much more off of your plate, and be able to REALLY enjoy the joy of your pregnancy.

Your past abortion might not have affected your fertility as much as you think it might. I'm not a doctor, so I can't exactly say. You might just have some hormonal challenges to work through. YOUR health though is much more important that putting yourself through so much stress without some support and guidance to help you manage it. Stress can literally make you ill, if it's prolonged enough. And, taking charge of managing your health doesn't have to be a huge expense, either.

I really hope you read this, and some of it helps you. I also hope that your journey to motherhood happens soon. The waiting portion is a total killer, I know. But you really need to focus on yourself, and the good stuff, NOT the bad. Some of this might just be things you can't help. Focus on what you CAN help.

Wish you the best.
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Re: I'm Very Upset And Sad

Postby MamaBird912 » Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:00 am

First of all, I know how it is to be young and want a baby. I used to cry when I was 16, 17 years old because I knew it would be a long time before I would have a baby.

I had my first child 4 days after turning 21. I'm going to tell you, I do sometimes wish I would have enjoyed my freedom more. Do I regret my son? Of course not, he's my world. In fact I'll be having baby #2 a month before turning 23.

It sounds like you're in mental anguish. You may have guilt surrounding your abortion. You are obviously not in good psychological health and I really suggest taking time to straighten it all out before conceiving. Get therapy, try meditation, exercise, things that relieve stress.

Also, insurance is important. You are going to need prenatal care and once your baby is born they will need to be cared for properly as well.

You'll need to take prenatals and make sure your body is healthy. Healthy bodies are more likely to conceive.

Nobody can tell you when the best time to have a baby is... But in my opinion, it doesn't sound like the optimal time for you.
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