i have not ridiculed relgions

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i have not ridiculed relgions

Postby rachypoo » Wed Nov 30, 2005 10:48 am

i am an athiest i am sorry if that may offend but i am who i am you all may have a religion i dont go pushing my faith in myself on people i just dont believe in A god i was not brought up to be religios or have a faith as i see it is your choice to make when you are old enought to realise and my mother taught me that. she said i want you to decide now she is church of england a protistant and my dad has no faith in anything. now i would not push anything on anybody but if a non religious person said toa religios person god isnt real or something else that might be horrible to that other person it is classed as wrong. but when a religios person says to a non religios person, pray and you wil have more luck in life or a better life or u wil conceive that isnt classed as wrong that is telling somebody what to do and is pushing religion on them. you have to see it works both ways as does racism and sexism. thats all i have to say
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Postby ellegirl » Wed Nov 30, 2005 11:27 am

Rachy, this section is for praising God, not arguing religion. If you
don't believe in God, that's your choice. But when you post topics such
as 'I have no faith' people are going to come to your aid and try to
uplift you. I don't want this board to be a battleground for arguing
religious beliefs. So please do not post these kinds of messages. Let's
stick to TTC topics please or take your debates away from the boards.
Thank you.<br />
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