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~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:26 pm

Everyone could always use some inspirational stories of BFPs after a loss. Please share with us your story and help us to carry on and hope for our own miracle!


Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:03 pm

What a nice thread!

Well......... my story is a BFP after MANY losses.

My husband and I had our beautiful DD in Feb 2010. In April 2011 we decided to TTC no:2. We fell pregnant in July and I had a blighted ovum miscarriage in September (Father's day here in Australia). We were pretty devastated but knew it was really common so picked ourselves up and tried again 2 months later. Fell pregnant straight away and were super happy.

All looked good at our 12 week scan. At our 20 week scan our daughter was diagnosed with a severe birth defect that would be fatal at or before birth. We chose to be induced- hardest thing I've ever had to deal with.

4 months later we decided to try again. I had 3 confirmed chemical pregnancies (and a possible 4th) before I saw a fertility specilaist and he found a low positive result to the blood test for a clotting disorder.

I took low dose aspirin daily starting at O day last cycle and got a clear BFP on 9 DPO. The line has been getting stronger every day and I had my first beta done today. Hoping for a sticky baby and a rainbow in August next year. :)

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:59 am

What a lovely idea for a thread!!

Started TTC March 2012 and got a BFP September ..ended in an MC on October 27th at 10+2. Got my next BFP 18.12.12.. still early days yet but hoping it's sticky!

Can't wait to see lots of lovely ladies on this thread!!xx

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:38 pm

Thanks Maddy for starting!! Love the RAINBOW colors and quote :). Sweet!

I did email Kara yesterday twice to make this an "announcement" thread but I have gotten no response back. Hoping it is coming..this thread should def stay TOP for a very long time to come :)!!

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:37 pm

Great idea, Maddy!

DH and I started TTC #1 in July 2009. After no luck on Clomid or Femara alone, we tried a combo cycle of femara and follistim. I went in for my follicle tracking U/s and couldn't find anything that was responding. I did three more days of Repronex, but again was told there was no response and my cycle was cancelled. My RE was baffled and told me to come back for a WTF appointment the next week. To everyone's surprise, I ovulated on my own around CD 22 and got pregnant. At 6w3d I went in for an u/s and saw our baby. The next week, we saw the baby and a heartbeat! Sadly, the following week, our baby no longer had a heartbeat and I was sent home with cytotec to help move things along.

We waited a few months for betas to drop and to get AF, then tried again with femara, repronex, and ovidrel. My beta at 14dpo looked great, but sadly they started dropping and I miscarried again. I had RPL testing done that came back essentially normal except for slightly elevated anticardiolipin IgM antibodies.

My next cycle, we tried the same combination of meds and to our surprise conceived triplets! I had a textbook perfect triplet pregnancy until I started spotting at 19 weeks. An ultrasound revealed I had incompetent cervix and after hospital bed rest and a failed cerclage, my son and daughters were born too soon at 19w4d on January 7, 2011.

My husband and I were devastated, but started trying again a few months later. In May, I had a chemical pregnancy. I had faint lines for a few days and AF was late, but it ended yet again. We decided to try one more month before taking a long break to regain some sanity and focus on our relationship.

That last cycle, I used femara, follistim, and ovidrel. I had just one mature follicle and that's all it took to get pregnant again. At 12 weeks, I had a Shirodkar cerclage placed and started 17p around 18 weeks. My miracle baby was born at 39 weeks gestation on February 22, 2012!

There were so many times that I wondered just how much more we could take and thought about giving up. Just when I thought we had reached our breaking point, we were blessed with our son. Never give up on your dreams!

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:16 pm

Hey ladies,
Most of my story is in my sig, we have been ttc for 5 years, 3 mc's, 2 ectopics. It was all so devastating. I'm too exausted to write the whole thing out right now because I am currently 12 weeks pregnant!!!!! Hang in there ladies, if it could happen to me it can happen to anyone.

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:10 am

Notyet and hawkeyegirl they're both amazing stories, full of hope thank you for posting xx

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:54 pm

Love the stories ladies, congrats to everyone! :D

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:04 am

Love the appreciated!!!
Thank you for the HOPE..LOVE and HUGS to you!!!

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:45 pm

Prayers And sticky babies to everyone!!!! i am new to this but thinking the support will help with the journey....a brief description=Me (25 and pcos) and DH(27)have been ttc for 18 months after 3 unsuccessful rounds of clomid(CD3-7)(only monitored 1st round appeared to be O'ing just no BFP) DH had sperm analysis came back abnormal with low motility...RE recommended we switch to femara (CD 5-9)1st round no monitoring, no tracking and no opk's and toyally shocked to see our 1st BFP on Jan 14th.........MC on Jan 18th :cry: RE said I was about 5 weeks. RE had DH do another sperm analysis everything came back good this time???? Went straight Into next femara cycle and now on CD 18 now praying for BFP!!! Still no monitoring or tracking...just BD every other day using preseed....from CD 14-22....RE recommended IUI but now that it has happened on its on with just femara thinking we should hold off on IUI for now??? Suggestions or advice??

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:29 am

Good luck Courtney, if it happened on its own in January then maybe continue that way a little longer before going to iui? Sorry for your loss Hun and welcome to the board xx

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:15 am

I'm sorry I am the opposite on the advice. Unless there is a reason for not doing the IUI (Financial, dh doesn't want to or whatever); I would go for that to give you your best chances. The RE did suggest it and the cycle with femara did not end in a healthy pregnancy maybe the IUI would it be the ONE. Just my opinion :). I just hate the bfn months and they are so hard on us emotionally; I have just come to be one that always goes with whatever is going to give me the greatest chances. Been doing this too long I guess.
Whatever YOU and dh going to be what is RIGHT for you two. Good luck!! KUP!

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:04 am

hi there,
just wanted to share. after 2 healthy pregnancies and births... i had a chemical pregnancy in september 2011 5 months after giving birth i believe my body wasnt ready. we then discovered since this i hadnt ovulated so we were given 50mg of clomid in may 2012 which eventually made me ovulate, to my suprise we became pregnant on the 3rd cycle and were so thrilled... my hpts darkened i couldnt believe anything was possibly wrong until one morning i woke up at 7 weeks symptomless after feeling bouts of nausea it had gone. i then started spotting which i knew wasnt right. the midwife got us in for an ultrasound within 2 days but to my horror it was an empty sac... i had no pain no cramps no symptoms just an empty feeling if it wasnt for the u/s i wouldnt know i was even still pregnant. we had a repeat ultrasound in 2 weeks it showed no growth and collapsing of the sac i opted for the misoprostol option as i didnt have the flexibility of surgery. it took 2 whole months for the hcg to return to 0 and 2 doses of provera to kickstart a cycle. we finally could start the next dose of clomid 100mg in december and we were excited. this time i was monitored and i produced 2 huge follicles and found one had ruptured this cycle unfortunatly was a bfn but it gave me hope i knew i could ovulate again. we started the next 100mg cycle unmonitored on january 18th we did all the usual, relaxed approach this time we didnt time bding and i used the persona monitor which was a huge help it gave me 2 peak days 16 and 17 so we bd on cd 16 only and prayed the magic would happen.
the 2ww was fairly easy we passed the time doing things we loved and adopting 2 beautiful fur babies :), i started testing at 6dpo and i thought i was seeing something faint on the ic's i had bought but couldnt tell. i threw it away and thought nothing more.
i tested every day and the lines became more and more obvious but still so faint i was concerned. finally a friend advised me to go and buy a frer because it would pick it up better if i was 9dpo.... and to my suprise BFP!!!
So after 19 months ttc 2 miscarriages we are finally here again. i am 6w1d and feeling really nervous we have our early u/s on the 8th i will be 7 weeks. i am praying for a healthy bean and hb! my motto was anything is possible even with low chances miricles can happen

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:38 am

Thanks so much for your story Hunnybunny. I lost mine on Jan 20th and had my D and C on Jan 23. I knew from the start something wasn't right this time. I have two healthy beautiful boys and my pregnancies were awesome. I just didn't feel the connection right away I felt with them. I am also an ultrasound tech and I had checked myself, I could see a gestational sac but no yolk sac. I kept telling myself maybe it's too early. Knowing in my heart something was off. Then When I started bleeding I knew it was over. I had the same thing as you. It was a blighted ovum. When the tech scanned me at my ob she let me watch and I could see it colapsing. After what has felt like an eternity I finaly got my 1st AF since my D and C and I just ovulated. Woke up with sore boobs this am. I am hopeing I am PG. You give me hope and you went through much worse then I did. Good luck to you and thanks for your post.

Re: ~ Thread of Hope ~ Post your BFP after a loss story! ~

Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:31 am

Hunnybunny thanks for your post its so lovely to see such an encouraging story.

Mamacoss I hope the symptoms mean a new healthy pregnancy for you, keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
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