BBT still above coverline after CP?

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BBT still above coverline after CP?

Postby Jbrock28 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:35 am

So here is my story, I am hoping someone may be able to she'd some light because I am so confused!

Last cycle, I took an hpt at 13dpo and got a faint positive on a FRER. I wasn't convinced it was real because with DD my test was very dark (although that was a week past when I was due for af). Anyway, I did feel pregnant, nausea, burping all the time, and slightly tender breasts. I didn't have any sore breasts with DD. The next day I took another test with FMU and it was a clear positive. Not super dark but not faint either. I was so excited, but then I realized I had just started bleeding. ): I assumed it was a chemical. I had another positive the following day...I guess just holding out hope. My period lasted 5 days. Medium to heavy two days and light for three. No cramps or pain at all. So I accepted the fact that is was a chemical (my 2nd now back to back).

Well, now here I am at CD10 and I am super confused for two reasons. I still have pregnancy symptoms: extremely tired, burping all the time (especially after I eat, which I never do), and I am nauseous off and on every day. And the other weird thing is that my BBT is still above my coverline (97.72) from last cycle. When my period started my BBT dropped, but not below my coverline. Two days ago my BBT dropped to 97.51 and I was relieved it finally started to drop, but then yesterday and today it was back up to 97.85 and then 97.9 respectivelt. I take my temp at the exact same time every morning before getting out of bed.

Any idea what is going on. Since I had my period and I took a test at 18dpo that was only very faintly positive, I am 99% sure I am not still pregnant, but I can't explain the high temps and the symptoms. Could it just my body trying to get back to normal after the CP? Any insights would be much appreciated.

Did anyone else have a similar experience after a CP? I am hoping that I will still ovulate this month, as we really want another baby.
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