Implantation Bleeding, Again?

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Implantation Bleeding, Again?

Postby radkitten » Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:37 am

So, going by my RE I should have O'd on Friday night. Downside is, I only had a mature follie on the left side, which is the side I lost my tube on in May. But he told me to BD all I wanted, FX, and to call when my first post-ectopic period came, or if it didn't to call on the 25th either way.

The past 2 days I have been cramping like crazy. Following my RE, I should be 6 DPO today. Cramping started yesterday and has gotten slightly worse this morning. Last night I had extremely light pink spotting in my CM when I wiped a couple times. This morning I had brown streaking in my CM when I wiped. Following what happened for me in April ( this could mean I had implantation bleeding last night/this morning. The timing would actually be identical to my ectopic last month.

My RE did confirm that it looked like I did have a "normal" pregnancy that ended up being ectopic because of my damaged tube, so I would have experienced implantation bleeding, etc, just in the wrong spot.

So, I guess now I get to really be on edge this next week. I told my hubby it's either AF showing up early or I might be PG again because I have never had these symptoms except when I am getting my period, and that is over a week out given my O time. So FX I guess? Anyone else gotten PG before they even got there first AF after a D&C and ectopic?
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