Low Progesterone and Conceiving

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Low Progesterone and Conceiving

Postby RachGee » Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:50 pm

Hello ladies. A little background- I first miscarried in October 2012, at 6 weeks. Then again in April 2013 at 8 weeks. After my second miscarriage I was heartbroken, but time is healing my wounds, slowly but surely.. I am getting ready to TTC again.

My doctor was kind enough to offer testing after the second, although Ive heard a lot of doctors are reluctant. Ultrasound and Xray look normal, and all of the blood tests are normal EXCEPT, they said my progesterone is low.

I was actually relieved when I first heard this news.. I figured worse case scenerio, I cant have kids, second worse would be no problem found, because I would not be able to attempt to treat it and it would just mean I have awful luck. BUT, because they found something I have the hope of treating it so I can carry full term. This seemed to be best case scenerio from testing.

Thats how I felt at first, anyway. But the more I overthink, the more I Google, the less certain I become that the news is good. I am curious if any of you ladies have personal experience with this, or can contribute any knowledge about it. It doesnt have to be happy, or encouraging.. I just want to get a better grasp on this progesterone thing. Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Low Progesterone and Conceiving

Postby Romseygirl » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:39 pm

Hi Rach

I too have had two miscarriages. My GYN has now proscribed Prometrium 200mg (Progesterone Supplements) - I was advised to start taking them as soon as I got a BFP.

Well this Tuesday evening I got a frer BFP - I went to the pharmacy to get the Prometrium on Wednesday and starting taking them that evening (Vaginally) as advised. Me being a compulsive poas'er I have taken 8 more tests this week with mixed results. All the frer tests have given me a bfp but the lines have become increasingly lighter to almost barely there and the CB's have given in negative results!!

I called my GYN's office and they sent me for Beta blood work last night and again this Monday coming - I will find out for sure on Tuesday whats happening BUT in my heart I think its another MC as it has all the signs!! :(

I have read that some women start taking the Prometrium straight after ovulation until AF shows or continue if they get a BFP - I am wondering if I was too late in taking them....

I have read lots that many many women have successful pregnancies from taking Progesterone Supplements!!
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