new here and confused...

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new here and confused...

Postby djtracie » Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:16 pm

Hi everyone. I'm new. of three (14, 12 and 11). I'm 41 and recently engaged.. (divorced my kids dad). anyway.... just suffered a miscarriage July 6th. Emergency room said it was a full miscarriage. I was 7.5 weeks. Doctor said wait a month and try again. We didn't listen though and started trying right away (because of my age). Well its been exactly three weeks since the miscarriage. I started temping a week ago but half my temps aren't accurate as I dj nights and go to bed at like 3am. And get up to work in a grocery store early. so half the time I don't trust them. Or nights I don't DJ I hear me fiancé get home from work (we do it together). So temps are all wacked. I do know I had Ewcm last Saturday and the last two mornings my temps were 98.3. So I think maybe I ovulated. Anyway. Had brown spotting this morning and its freaking me out. My hgc level was 11 on July I could've ovulated, right? Can you bleed more from the miscarriage this late? Was barely there. Light brown blood just a small amount for about an hour. Glad yo have somewhere to write things out as I TTC again. Don't want to go thru telling everyone I'm pregnant, oh no I lost it, again. So I'm kinda wary of talking to anyone I see in person. And working in bars, I see a lot of people. So its tough keeping my mouth shut. hope this place helps. sorry if any typos...dix this whole post on my cell and in hurry to get to work :)
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Re: new here and confused...

Postby SMMomma » Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:05 pm

First if all so sorry for your loss, I too miscarried in January and its so heartbreaking. As for your question since my miscarraige an d&c I have had mid cycle spotting around ovulation time, sometimes brown and sometimes red or pink, my doctor has assured me that it's normal and can jus be from the hormonal changes your body goes through after being pregnant and then suddenly not! Hope that helps a little?
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