Immediate conception after miscarriage?

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Immediate conception after miscarriage?

Postby Onyx » Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:42 pm

I posted an "Am I Pregnant" post on the 25th and thought it would be encouraging and fun but so far have only gotten 4 "Nos" It is really making me doubt myself but I do really feel pregnant. I have, however not yet gotten a BFP, so I don't know what to think. I suspect that since you don't have to be logged in to vote there that random people on the webs are just finding it and trolling me, but still, if people here think that I am not pregnant, I would really appreciate an explanation. I am becoming concerned that something else might cause my symptoms if so many people are finding my story unlikely. So if it may be something serious please let me know what you think may be going on and if I should go to the doctor. I will now post my story exactly as worded in my "Am I Pregnant" question.

I found out I was pregnant last month (November) on the 16th. I was about 5 weeks along. I had had symptoms for well over a week but it was my first pregnancy so I did not think about pregnancy right away. Anyway on the 25th I miscarried. Sucked for real.

So the miscarry bleeding ended December 5th, and though we decided to wait until I have a full cycle before trying again, we did end up having sex on the 9th. That was the only time.

About three days after sex I notice a very thick glob of mucus on my tp after wiping. It looked like I blew my nose when really really congested. This is not something that happens to me regularly. I do, however remember something like this happening shortly after our last conception sex, but of course at the time I thought nothing of it. Anyway, I have since had somewhat constant whitish discharge. Not always as thick but usually white and creamy or yellowish. No signs of any kind of infection though.

Around the 20th I started getting more symptoms that mirror my experience last time. Dizzy spells, headaches, breasts started swelling (but the first time they were really sore, not so much this time. Also I have measured them and they have grown an inch since earlier in the month.. just bought bras so I know), gained about 5 pounds suddenly (likely water weight/bloating), Bubbly feelings in my pelvic region, mild cramps and pinchy sensations, fatigue, extra thirsty and a bit hungrier than usual, all very very similar to my last pregnancy. On top of all that though, this time I have slight queasiness. I had no nausea whatsoever last time.

I'll add that I have very irregular periods. I can go 3 to 6 months with no period and suddenly get one for two weeks then off two weeks then on two weeks and so on, or some other odd rhythm. Heaviness of my periods are totally unpredictable, sometimes super duper heavy and sometimes barely even spotting. Been this way for about 4 years. My doctor attributes this to my weight and stress. I gained a lot of weight over that time period and my life was a wreck. I have been tested for PCOS and other hormone problems but I seem pretty much ok in that regard. I have also recently lost about 30 pounds so maybe that is helping, though I am still obese, but my life is also much better now. No serious stress. I mention this because I had serious doubts that my body would just get right back to ovulation right after my miscarriage since I am usually all out of whack, but hey... maybe???

So I tested yesterday and it was negative. Am I just fooling myself? When should I test again? Do you think I am pregnant?


Also, I actually started feeling vague symptoms on the 18th, but only started letting myself thinking they were real on the 20th as they had gotten mildly more apparent. My breasts are not terribly sore, still, but more so than when I posted this and get heavier and bigger every day. I also forgot to mention that I have been HOT ever since around the 20th. Vivid and very strange dreams are also a nightly occurrence.

Thanks for any replies either way. But please don't just tell me "no" without explaining your thought process.
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Re: Immediate conception after miscarriage?

Postby Happyfroggy » Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:41 pm


I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

To be honest, I don't even know which way to guess but your post looked so lonely I wanted to respond that people are probably reading it's just I think there's too many variables to guess on. The bad thing is a miscarriage can make your hormones go nutso for the next 6 -8 weeks and so any 'symptoms' may be very misleading.

Oh and congrats on the 30 lb weight loss!!! That's no small feat. From your description of your periods it definitely sounds like even if you don't have PCOS there's some other hormone issues as work. I wonder if a different doc would take your concerns more seriously?

Feel free to update!!!! Have you tested again?
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Re: Immediate conception after miscarriage?

Postby smalln35 » Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:02 pm

I got preggo right after my second miscarriage no period. It was a really crazy time. I ovulated about 3 weeks after my miscarriage initially started. I was still bleeding when I got pregnant. It wasnt till about 3 weeks after that did I found out I was preggo. Trust me I was testing often! I had really weird symptoms after my miscarriage and I really thought I was preggo. Dizziness, weird tastes in my mouth.. the list goes on. I really thought I was going crazy! well come to find out I was preggo the whole time. I had already had my first child so I knew what being pregnant was like so I really though I was going crazy. Trust your instincts and test often. You never know after a miscarriage what will happen.
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