MC started on Tuesday, TTC again on Monday

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MC started on Tuesday, TTC again on Monday

Postby jessmke » Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:53 pm

Last Monday my doctor called to let me know that my HCG had dropped from 370 to 290, and that I should expect to start miscarrying. That day I went for a third blood test, and the next day for an ultrasound. I was only 4 weeks 5 days, so the ultrasound didn't show anything. After I got home from the ultrasound I started to bleed, and my doctor called to say my HCG had dropped even further to 250. I told her I was bleeding and she said if I soaked a pad in less than an hour to go to the hospital. I bled for four days, the first day I passed two small clots, but otherwise the bleeding was minimal (1 pad lasted the whole day). My doctor sent me for another blood test yesterday (Saturday) and I get the results on Monday. All week I kept trying to convince myself that I might still be pregnant, since the bleeding was fairly minimal and my hcg levels weren't abnormal, they were just falling instead of rising. I kept telling myself that women spot all the time while they're pregnant, so maybe that's all that was happening to me. Or maybe I had "vanishing twin syndrome" since twins run in my family. I am surprised at how many scenarios I could come up with where I could still be pregnant! I was driving myself crazy, and I just couldn't wait until Monday to get my blood test results, so I went out and got a pregnancy test (a digital one so there would be no squinting and thinking that I see a line!). It said Not Pregnant, and it's funny because instead of feeling sad, I feel relieved to know for sure what's going on. So, I went out and bought myself a bottle of wine, and I am going out with some friends tonight instead of staying home and feeling sorry for myself. My OH is out of town, but when he gets home on Monday we're going to get back on the horse and start trying again. I don't temp or chart or anything so our game plan is just to DTD a lot! We got pregnant on our first try this last time, so hopefully it happens quickly for us again! I feel hopeful again after feeling lost and down all week, although I'm not sure my next BFP will be as exciting. A miscarriage takes the excitement out of a positive pregnancy test, I think I'll feel scared and worried, but I'm ready to try again!
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Re: MC started on Tuesday, TTC again on Monday

Postby AussieMumma90 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:15 pm

I was exactly like you when I had my first m/c and now on my second one I'm exactly the same. Have a couple of drinks and as soon as the bleeding stops start TTC. I found after the first I was super anxious about TTC. I was like right we have to do it now and now and now lol. But this time I'm only temping. Hope you feel better soon! So sorry about your loss xx

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