New Here - TTC Cycle #6 after M/C

Are you ready to start trying again after a loss? Ask questions or find buddies here.

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New Here - TTC Cycle #6 after M/C

Postby ButterflyFairy » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:07 am

Hi all,

My DH (33) and I (31) have a 2 year old girl. We started TTC in November 2013. Started having pains in right ovary the first week of February. They got progressively worse over the week (I had my period the week before-it was normal for me-no changes). My husband gave me horrible news that really upset me on Thursday and after I calmed down I noticed that I was bleeding. I went to the doctor Friday and she ordered an ultrasound because she thought it may be a cyst on my ovary. She also had me take a blood and urine sample. She told me that I was pregnant, but that she was going to diagnose it as a threatened miscarriage. For the next 3 weeks I bled and I waited to see what would happen--would I, wouldn't I--I had ultrasounds and HCG blood draws. Nothing was ever seen at all on the ultrasounds. HCG went up one time and then the next were down. The OBGYN I went to also said that I had a tilted uterus which I didn't have before. I had a normal AF around February 20th and started TTC after that. This cycle I stopped drinking coffee 3 days before ovulation. I bought PreSeed and tried the SMEP plan (but DH was sick on Day 3 of the 3 day in a row part, so wasn't able to strictly adhere to it). Trying to be hopeful. My mom had a M/C before I was born and after, but she said she waited 6 months before trying again--not sure how long it took for her after. My sister always says that I seem to be just like my mom with having children. I had to be vacuumed out of my mom and my little girl wasn't able to come out, but my OBGYN had me do an emergency C-section. (heart rate was scaring him) So, we'll see. Having a hard time with each and every cycle that comes, but I keep on.
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Re: New Here - TTC Cycle #6 after M/C

Postby ekkotack » Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:26 am

Hi there. Thank you for sharing about your TTC journey. Most of us who are active on this board have had recent losses and are either starting to TTC again or waiting anxiously to be able to, so you will be in good company.
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