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Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:02 pm

So, for those who don't know, I was diagnosed in February with a really big ulcer. Since then I have been on the maximum doses of medication to try and heal it. Well today I had a follow up endoscopy as I've been having issues, and they discovered that it's bleeding. I am also deficient in ferritin, iron, h&h, etc and also just went through mmc & d/e. Does anyone have any experience with this and the potential effects it may cause with TTC? My Dr was indecisive to whether or not to admit me. Any suggestions or experience?

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Thu Sep 04, 2014 8:32 am

I was very anemic after my m/c earlier this year but an iron rich diet and ferrous sulfate tabs got me back up to a healthy range and I got preg right away as soon as i was cleared to try. It shouldn't affect your fertility, but do they have you on a plan to boost your Hgb?

Re: concerned...

Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:58 am

I am honestly not sure what the plan is. I am seeing my GI dr this afternoon for a follow-up from Tuesdays endoscopy and to review the pathology reports. He did an injection to stop the bleeding. Of course everything he talked to me about was a bit of a blur as I was still a bit fuzzy from the anesthesia. My pcp had sent me for a repeat of bw, which I did on Tuesday before my endoscopy and his office called me yesterday to have me come in mon even though I have an appt w/him later in Sept so that is raising flags to me. When my GI was discussing his findings, he said he was still undecided if he should admit me into the hospital for at least 3 days so I could be IV'd with pain meds and nutrients. He also noted that if I had come into the ER with my symptoms they would have done testing/endoscopy and would have admitted me based on whats going on. The other thing that he was concerned about was the fact that we discovered the ulcer back in Feb. 14, at that time it measured 25mm across (about an inch) and that is HUGE for an ulcer, in April it had gone down to 20mm and as of Tues, its back to 25mm. I have been on medications since Feb. Normally, by the end of 8 weeks, the ulcer would have healed and I would just be monitored. I have not healed, it has only gotten worse. I asked him if he thought it could be stomach cancer. He said its something that has been in his mind given the surrounding circumstances, that he doesnt really think so, but isnt ruling it out until pathology comes stressed and worried.
Right now I am on a restricted diet. Which, I was kinda already doing because eating is difficult and painful. I've given up trying to think of foods that I can eat without causing pain, so I am just consuming nutrient shakes. With all this that is going on, I really feel my body just made a sacrifice on which life to support when I was pregnant. I know alot of people say that no, thats not likely, but I barely have enough to support my health, let alone a growing baby. I really am praying hard that this will be resolved and I can get back to a normal life and TTC again. :(
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