Struggling TTC after MMC

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Struggling TTC after MMC

Postby tink143 » Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:27 am


In aug 2014 i found out i was 5 weeks pregnant with #3. at 6 weeks i had lower abdominal pain went to a&e who told me as i was not bleeding i had nothing to worry about but would give me a scan the next day.. got the all clear sac was seen, our little bean with a nice heart beat, big sigh of relief.. so at 9 weeks i had a private scan booked for reassurance after the first scare, as soon as i seen the screen i turned and look at my DH and said i cant see the heart beat for this to be confirmed our beans little heart had stopped at 8wks 1day. devastated beyond words, i opted for the ERPC which i was given 5 days later those were the longest 5 days of my life.. after the op i had no bleeding whats so ever after which i though was very strange, 2 weeks later still nothing i called the hospital to see if this was normal to say i must have had a gentle surgeon and just to await my period, which did come 4 weeks later end of OCT and has been regular since 28 day cycles,although my period itself seems a little odd starts with snotty mucus blood then goes onto redish orange blood last 4days max (stmi) My DH and i have been trying since 4 days after the operation and i am now on cycle 4 of TTC with disheartening BFN every month, ive been tracking my ovulation dates and testing and getting positives on OPKs and of course have been DTD lots, so im not sure whats going on with my body i no 4 cycles isnt much to some for for me this has never happened and have conceived within the first month of trying with previous pregnancies.. i'd like to got to see my gp but i dont think they will do anything as it hasnt been long enough. im curre tly on 12dpo AF due in 2 days tested this am FMU BFN :(

has this happen to other people or how long after did people get their BFP after a MMC??

many thanks for reading and sorry for the long essay.. x
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Re: Struggling TTC after MMC

Postby beelady » Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:10 am

I am sorry for your loss. I have had 3 mmc. I had 1 mmc between my dd and ds and I have had 2 in the last year. After each of the mmc it has taken at least 6 months for my cycles to return to normal and then I conceived quickly. I have had problems with retained products after having d&c`s, and with the last d&c had no bleeding and then passed a piece of tissue as large as my hand. With my last mmc I decided to wait for it to pass naturally in the hope that my body will recover much more quickly.

Did you test your hcg back to zero? It can take a while for hcg levels to drop and for this reason opk`s are not always accurate in the first few months after a mc.

If you are not having any odd spotting or pain you probably do not have any retained products, but it might be worth asking your gp if you can have blood tests for all your hormones to be checked. I had a blood test to see if I was ovulating and when I went back for the results I had to tell my gp that I was pregnant!

I know how it feels to desperately want to be pregnant again asap, and I know 4 months must feel like an eternity, but you need to let your body recover from what happened, and then you will get your bfp.
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