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Postby WithLoveandBabyDust » Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:51 pm

Hi! I just thought I would give a little history on my journey and a little insight on me. So,I have been with my S.O. for approximately six yearyears,going on seven. We have suffered three losses. Our first loss was in 2011,May at 17weeks & a few days. We had a little boy,born into Heaven. We were so lost and confused. That was my first ever pregnancy and we really didn't get answers besides baby was Healthy and my body just went into premature labor. I was told the likelihood of it happening again that way wasn't likely because I was Healthy. So,speed forward to August of September. I found out I was pregnant toward the end of August/beginning of September. Everything seemed to be going fine and overnight Oct 9th going into Oct 10th I woke up with back pain. I had a feeling something was wrong and on Oct 10th I miscarried. We decided if it was going to happen it would happen. I was focusing on a new job and just going about life. Speed forward to 2013! In November 2013 I found out I was pregnant. I kept it secret,even from my S.O. because I didn't want to worry him. The pregnancy seemed to be going fine and it seemed different. I progressed past my losses and everything seemed to go well. I went to the Dr...We saw baby on the screen anand baby wouldn't cooperate to show gender so they scheduled another. Other than a stubborn baby,everything was fine. The following Sunday I woke up just not feeling right. I went to work tried to go about my day,drank plenty of water,relaxed and nothing made me feel better. My sister told me I should go to the E r. but I insisted I was fine. Finally I went and sure enough,I was dialating. We rushed back to our home and picked up my S.O. and went off to the E.r. where my Dr worked. I was admitted and had to explain why to the s.O. Same thing as the time before was happening. We delivered a baby girl a week later at 22 weeks + on April 7th 2014. I received a diagnosis of an Incompetent Cervix and in the process of getting a transabdominal cerclage in the upcoming months. I was okayed to start trying at the one year mark. We are currently not preventing. I am ready for my rainbow. As of right now,I am on CD2. I pray for a rainbow for each of us soon. Baby dust to all!!! :)
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Postby Yelibaby » Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:29 pm

In si sorry for all of your losses! I'm glad your cervix issues was diagnosed and treated and hope you get your rainbow soon.
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Postby justxher » Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:15 am

I'm so sorry for your losses, and I really hope the cerclage is exactly what you need to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
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