Month after CP, Still no BFP, no symptoms.

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Month after CP, Still no BFP, no symptoms.

Postby silverraven53 » Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:33 pm

So I had a CP on 05/21. I was very upset about it. me and my BF had been trying for 2 months after me being on BC, and when it finally happened...all those positive pee sticks brought us joy and then the slight spotting ended in a full blown period at the doctors office. It was my first ever pregnancy. My doctor advised us not to TTC for 2 months but I did research online and kinda waved off her suggestion. The Drs office seemed to always think I was there for birth control and I had to tell them I was positive at home for them to realize I needed a blood test. (Seriously annoying.) Any who...after 4 days of bleeding we begin TTC again and its O6/27. No period, my boobs feel a little weird but not to much and I've had BFN on my HPTs. The last test I took was today 06/27 and another BFN. (It is horrible that my dreams are filled with BFPs and my reality is not.) I went to the Doctors and got a blood test unrelated to this, but my thyroid since I have bald spots in my head! But did any of you ladies get a BFP or find out you were pregnant after a CP, what can you make out of my experience, and do you think AF is just simply absent this month but returning later? I really need some new insight. Any help is appreciated :) I really want to see a dark positive line on my tests a faint line just makes me feel another CP is going to happen.

I am 21 years old btw if that helps.
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Re: Month after CP, Still no BFP, no symptoms.

Postby PhDer » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:55 am

It takes normal couples up to ONE year to fall pregnant in the first place so 2 months is really quite quick. It sounds like everything is healthy if you were able to fall pregnant so very quickly. No doctor would tell you anything is wrong if it took you up to another 6-12 months to conceive so you don't need any 'insight' you just need to keep trying

If you want more control then temping or using OPKs will help with that
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