If ivf has worked once will it work again?

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If ivf has worked once will it work again?

Postby poppyseed30 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:09 pm

Hi all,
I was lucky to conceive on our first attempt of ivf in February 2015 and we had our little girl in October 2015. Unfortunately our pregnancy was rough once we found out she had a very rare tumor. We were told we could terminate at 23wks but we decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and give her a chance. Sadly our much wanted baby girl passed away at 3wks old. We are still very determined to become parents and are doing a second icsi cycle in March. I've just been feeling a bit flat that it might not work and really need some success stories of people having more than one child via ivf, to give me hope that it can happen again. I just felt so lucky to get pregnant with our daughter that I feel our luck might be up.
Looking forward to hearing any stories xx
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