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Cigarettes,ttc and mcs

Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:40 pm

Before I start- I am not posting to be judged or for a lecture. I know there are risks when smoking cigarettes in general, ttc and pregnancy. I do not do drugs and don't drink often (socially as in low % ciders or a few glasses of wine once a month at the most)

I smoke cigarettes daily, I cut down a lot in the past year to try and quit all together but I can not get down to none :/ I've smoked on and off for years stopping and starting, socially to daily and back again. I have tried things to quit like most smokers but they either made me ill or I'd get a reaction. I have quit for a few months through the years but started up again. I hate saying this as it sounds like an excuse but I truly do have server anxiety issues from ADHD and complex PTSD, I also went through some pretty heavy stuff the last three years with a sexual assault and court hearings for it plus being in hospital because of it with broken bones and server facial and head injuries. This happened 3 years ago now but obviously still having court hearings which is really hard, my thing is, I'm now ttc with my partner after finally feeling better about life and medicated. We have been ttc for 8 months or so now and I've had 2 mc in that time, I went to a specialist for tests and advice and everything is fine with my health and hormones. A few people had the nerve to say it was smoking,now I don't plan to smoke through my pregnancy but I'd have to slowly ween off them as it would cause more harm than good if I were to completely stop. Has anyone got any person experience with ttc while being a smoker while ttc and had a healthy baby and pregnancy? Sorry for the huge post just feeling a little crap about it all I know so many girls who weren't ttc and had perfect pregnancies and baby's and were doing all sorts of drugs and what not. Thank you in advance x

Re: Cigarettes,ttc and mcs

Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:31 pm

Im sorry to hear about ur misscariages and ur sexual assault.I hope things get better for you.
I don't smoke and I don't have any personal experience but I would like to say that my mother and some other women I know smoked during pregnancy and they had healthy pregnancies and babies,I'm not trying to say smoking during pregnancy is good but I'm trying to say that you unless the doctor or other people provided proofs that ur misscariages have been happening Bcs
Of ur smoking you shouldn't be so hard on urself.
You can try and wean off slowly,start with 20 a day and cut one by one during a period of a few months.
Good luck to you

Re: Cigarettes,ttc and mcs

Wed Aug 31, 2016 6:39 am

Thanks for your reply and I completely agree I'd in know way condone smoking during pregnancy. I don't smoke 20 a day thank goodness I smoke about 5 a day maybe 7 on a bad day :l it's still bad but u am trying to get down to 1bor none by the end of the year! My Dr said there's nothing that says my smoking has caused the mc but did say of course it isn't good and may help with a healthy cycle. I just think my mind wwent in to over drive when I mentioned I smoked to my ttc and the reply I got just made me so sad, if I could prevent the MCs of course I would. I know so many people that smoked and did a lot worse during pregnancy and their baby's are healthy little things IDK I guess I just wanted to hear from someone who was trying so I didn't feel so guilty ugh it's silly I know they are just rude minded folk. Thank you again x put my mind at ease for now

Re: Cigarettes,ttc and mcs

Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:50 pm

First of all I want to say I'm sorry for your losses. I have had one loss (I had an ectopic pregnancy) and it has had a great impact in my life. It's one of the hardest things I've ever been through. I don't want to contribute to your pain... Sometimes a loss truly does just happen, but you should know that smoking does put you at a higher risk for miscarriage. If you do some research you'll see the data. My mom is a smoker and had two children. We both have allergies and my sister has asthma but otherwise for the most part healthy. It's just like drinking. One women might drink throughout her pregnancy and have a healthy baby while another could have one with fetal alcohol syndrome. There are many factors that can make a difference. In the end though I think we're all just doing what we think is best and you need to do that for yourself. Good luck! With everything!

Re: Cigarettes,ttc and mcs

Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:02 pm

I'm sorry for your loss also it's terribly hard and really does impact you in so many way xo I agree it's different for everyone I just find it hard to believe that I'm the spelling reason like my doctor said it just happens and he had zero concerns about my smoking and the MCs he just mentioned that it doesn't help health wise but reassured me it was more than likely just a "bad egg". Than you die your kind words and info xox

Re: Cigarettes,ttc and mcs

Sun Jan 01, 2017 7:39 am

I am sorry for yr losses. Unfortunately the reason why pregnancy loss occurs is varied. During the 1st trimester the most common reason of mcs is chromosomal aneuploidy that can be discovered using PGS NGS technique. I have come across tons of recommendations saying that women who want to get pregnant should quit smoking even a month before trying to conceive.

Re: Cigarettes,ttc and mcs

Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:06 pm

I did not smoke during TTC nor pregnancy but I do know people who have. The girl I know who smoked during both her pregnancies her kids seem healthy but they were both born low birth weight which is very common to smokers since it does reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients the Fetus receives because it causes vasoconstriction. Anyway, I never judged her for smoking because I know we each have our own battles but I wanted to warn you, she would smoke outside of work and SO MANY PEOPLE would just give her the DIRTIEST looks. I felt bad for her.

Also, many people alive today their parents smoked while they were pregnant because back then not much was known about smoking and pregnancy and so it was socially acceptable. So it is very obviously still possible to conceive and have a healthy baby. I think it's a balance. If you know you're going to smoke some what, you should try and be as healthy as possible in other areas (exercise, diet) to kind of make up for it. Unfortunately we cannot ignore the facts, and the fact is, every cigarette is bad for your baby. So I think it's important to plan and say "I doubt i can go my pregnancy without smoking, so what can I do to help increase the flow of oxygen to my baby? What exercise can i safely do?" and to mentally prepare that it is not as acceptable in society as it once was.

I actually think it's great you brought this up because there are probably other women in the same situation and it doesn't help anybody to just keep it a secret or just shame people for opening up. We all have our own battles.

Re: Cigarettes,ttc and mcs

Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:37 am

I actually second everything happyfroggy has said. I've seen women shamed for smoking while pregnant and I don't like it. I understand where the shamers are coming from, but exactly as she said, we all have our battles. Don't judge people and don't assume you know everything about their situation either.

Everyone knows it's best not to smoke and although I've heard some ladies say that their dr told them not to quit once they got pg because it would be too hard on the baby I don't believe this. I think it depends on the person and the situation. The stress may not be good but it does end and the amount of oxygen the baby gets after has benefits that far outweigh the stress that occurred. I do think it can be used an excuse but honestly if the person is not ready than it likely won't happen no matter the pros and cons.

I believe smoking can increase the risk of miscarriage but, as above, there are plenty of causes for miscarriage. However there is evidence that it can cause ectopic pregnancies since it can stop the cilia in the Fallopian tube from working properly and moving the egg into the uterus. This is scary and it also reduces your fertility further.

Either way, I hope you are able to quit at some point and I hope others in the same position see this and know they are not alone. How awful to not be able to talk to anyone because you feel you will be shamed or bullied.
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