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How many cycles after D&C or D&E did you wait until TTC

Before 1st AF
After 1 cycle
After 2 cycles
After 3 cycles
After 4 cycles
After 5 cycles
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After 6 cycles
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Postby Texxie » Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:24 am

I had a d&c on May 2. I was supposed to be 8.5 weeks along but the baby's hb stopped somewhere between 6.5-7 weeks. My doctor said we could start trying right away (actually not the first 2 weeks after d&c b/c we were not allowed to bd until I had my post-op appt.) But anytime after that. Strange thing was that I only lightly bled for about 5 days after d&c. Then nothing for 1.5 weeks. Then I had what appeared to be a light AF flow. That would have been 2 weeks and a day or so from teh d&c. And I think I am O-ing now or did yesterday. So, that would have made since that AF was 2 weeks after d&c and then O-ing 2 weeks after that. (sorry if this is confusing).

Anyways, I asked my dr. about why some people say to wait. He said there is not evidence that shows waiting or not waiting makes a difference. So, he said do what I wanted to do. And that's what we are doing. I don't expect to get pg this time but we didn't prevent, if that makes sense.

On a side note, I did have more EWCM this time than ever before. I had it for at least 5 days and very very heavy. Plus I had O pain as well. That is the strongest I can ever remember as far as O goes. We'll see.

Sorry so long. HTH. Good luck to you.
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