Evap? Pink on one edge frer?

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Evap? Pink on one edge frer?

Postby lakabear » Sat Mar 02, 2019 1:19 pm

Hi all. I had what I thought was a very light period on February 17th. Very minimal cramping, mostly brown, little bit of red. Didn’t think anything of it really. After it finished started feeling nauseous almost daily, started getting headaches and back pain. Took a frer yesterday, didn’t see anything until I took the test apart (while still wet) and saw faint pink on the edge of where the second line would be. As I looked closer I swore I saw a verrrrrry faint line.
Took another frer this morning with fmu and again, nothing while in the case that I could see, but immediately a second white line showed up but then it faded (Evap?). Took it out of case and swore I saw a teeny tiny bit of pink on the edge of where a second line would be and maybe my eyes were playing tricks but in certain angles I could see something faint but again it could be an indent. Took a digital right after and said negative so maybe this is just wishful thinking.
Could definitely use a second third and fourth pair of eyes on these.
First pic is from yesterday, second pic is from today
Line/pink on edge would be at the bottom.
Also this morning had clear stretchy cm, just like when I O so there’s no way these could be + right?!
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Re: Evap? Pink on one edge frer?

Postby orchidsea2016 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:03 pm

Post a pic??
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