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Re: New Beginnings

Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:04 pm

Hi guys
Andi, 5'11, you're even taller than me! I'm between 5'9-5'10, I don't know the exact conversion from cm to feet! How are you feeling? Are you nervous/excited for labour? I hope it all goes smoothly for you. I've been watching a fair bit of Netflix - stranger things 2 was so good! And I've been watching mindhunter as well which is brilliant if you like that sort of thing. our Netflix is a little different over here, way less shows. But I also get to watch a lot of content thru my work which is good. We just had Westworld come out and GoT is coming soon as well.
Nicky, I forgot to answer your question about names. Yes, we have 3 boys names that I can't decide between. Logan, Connor and Zac. Logan is not a very common name over here so it's the front runner at the moment. But, this is kind of hard to explain as it's a uniquely Aussie thing. But I'll give it a go. There is a suburb of the capital of Queensland, called Logan. It's not a particularly nice suburb, and we have a word for the Aussie equivalent of 'redneck' I guess, I don't if you would have heard it, which is bogan. It's generally used to describe Aussies with a particular accent (think Paul Hogan or Steve Irwin) and from not particularly nice areas, a bit backwards kind of thing? Anyway so everyone calls people from this particular suburb 'Logan bogans' because it rhymes & kinda fits, and my crazy pregnancy brain is worried that people will use that to tease/bully my son, or that the name Logan will have negative connotations for people because as soon as anyone says the suburb name, someone else will inevitably say 'oh Logan bogans'. I don't know if this makes ANY sense to you guys! But that's my current dilemma anyway, so I'm hoping that once Bub is born I'll feel like he just 'looks' like one of the names ?!

Re: New Beginnings

Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:06 pm

Also Whoz, I'm so glad you found a new clinic, I hope this one is better suited to you. It sounds like you're feeling a lot more positive which is the main thing, you have to be able to trust your clinic!

Re: New Beginnings

Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:09 pm

Loz - I'll have to check out mindhunter! I was thinking of starting that. I do stranger things too! But we are behind on season 2 because DH is a slow binge watcher. I'm feeling good and ready to get this labor over with so my little one can be here! I've had stronger contractions and cramping on and off for two days now. I guess he's just going to make me suffer for a bit before things get truly started.

Re: New Beginnings

Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:27 pm

Hello lovely ladies. Star I don't plan to test until I'm at least a week late. I got over seeing bfns early on in my fertility journey. You ladies will know as soon as I see those two lines though, much before my family, except for my dh and maybe my mil, bc we live with her when she is not at her boyfriends house. Danaa I've chosen being positive as a way of life. The one time in my life that I didn't embrace hope and positivity I became anorexic and almost starved to death. I also had exercise bulimia which meant I over exercised when I ate more than I thought I should, which for an anorexic didn't have to be much. So to save my life I had to embrace positivity and hope and shed all worries. It was not easy at first, but became so ingrained that I just fall back on it when in times of stress. I'm glad I can use it to help you ladies on your journeys to beautiful babies, as well. Lending that kind of support to ladies like us who deserve to have our little ones really fills up my soul, so thanks for being here. Whoz I am glad you got rid of that sucky clinic. Hope this next one serves you better and gets you your bfp. Fly have you decided when you were going to start ttc for #2? You and your dh do plan to have another, right? Loz I hope your Iron is back up enough. Logan happens to be the name of my favorite xmen, Wolverine. So I kind of love it. Sorry about the negative connotations with it. Kids can be so cruel, if it's not the name the will find something, if they want to be cruel. Usually my trouble came from picking on my clothes which were always hand me downs or from Walmart bc we didn't have much money to spend on fashion. It's very hard for a mom to see her child go through that. The real fault lies with the bully's parents more than anyone. They should teach their children to be more compassionate and empathetic. I am sure his name will call out to you when you see him. All of your choices are fine names. Sunshine hello and welcome I hope you choose to stay around and share your journey with us. Andia it does sound as if you are getting close. I'm glad you feel he has grown. Can't wait for you to post a picture of him. I've watched all of the first season of Jane the Virgin and some of the second season before I didn't have Netflix anymore bc we move out of my dad's house where we had internet. I really liked it. Thinking of you Courtney, Wish, Nicysy, and Faith. I hope I'm not missing anyone, if so, I'm sorry. Afm just enjoying the tww and some days off. We went to see Thor Raganarok. It was fantastic. We had such a good date night which we are finishing up at tbell eating and using the net. That is all except for hugs, baby dust, and sticky vibes to us all.

Re: New Beginnings

Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:23 pm

Recent pics

Re: New Beginnings

Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:27 pm

Angela hugs I’m so happy you overcomee all of those problems,hugs,you have a beautiful soul and I’m sure God will soon send you a baby.
Andi are you in labor ?!lol,I hope your delivery goes easy and smooth.
I don’t have Netflix bcs at one point I checked the shows available here in Greece and i didn’t felt it was worth it .
Courtney Ben is adorable!!
Whoz congratulations for leaving that awful clinic behind you!!!
Eoe hello:) I hope you are all doing ok.
Im doing well,eating a ton every day....Im so ashamed:)) sadly there is also bad news ,my SIL has lost her pregnancy:( Im so sad for her but she seems ok and ready to try again soon,for me is one more week until I get to see my baby or babies .

Re: New Beginnings

Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:51 pm

Hi everyone. I just wanted to check in. Congrats to everyone who has gotten pregnant. Dana, don't stress. If only one bean stuck, it may be easier on your body. I'm supposed to look at the positive in any situation. Nicky, I'm sorry for your loss. My Doctor reminds me periodically that being able to get pregnant is a good thing. We have started IUI. My first treatment didn't work, but it usually takes at least 3 to 6 treatments. Luckily it was a lot less money per month than I expected. I'm supposed to still stay off the boards and try to relax. I've been doing better since I made it past my due date. But I do like to check in on you all. I promise if I get a BFP I will definitely post it. Sending good vibes to everyone.

Re: New Beginnings

Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:48 pm

So good to hear from you wish! Hoping oil is going to work great for you!

Re: New Beginnings

Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:51 pm

Whiz good to hear from looking forward to you seeing your new Dr. Glad you got a new one.

Danaa file Drs orders and rest hun. Sorry to hear about your sil

Hello Angela. Hour af stays away. Glad you are doinggood.

Log how far along are you now?

Andi you are getting so close. When is your next scan?

I'm sorry I'm so far behind on personals. Crazy life here. I stopped the meds. I have terrible side effects to them but I'm feeling better. I just started my first period. I started birth control and my tubal will be around Christmas time. Not much time for sex anyway right now. Haha. I sure do miss you all

Re: New Beginnings

Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:44 am

Wish - So good to hear from you! Thinking of you and can't wait to see a much deserved BFP from you! I know it will happen!

No labor yet ladies, lol. These dang braxton hicks just keep coming on and off but not doing much. I asked my doctor about the cramping between and lucky for me, ha ha, some women don't get breaks between contractions... I had my appointment yesterday and the little guy has grown, yay! I'm still measuring a bit behind but because he's growing she's not concerned at all. Probably just means a little smaller of a baby.

Going to try my best at some freezer meals this weekend to prep for bub. We'll see how that goes at 9 months preggo.

Re: New Beginnings

Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:45 am

dana - just saw your post about your sil. Sorry to hear that!

Re: New Beginnings

Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:11 pm


Danaa: I can't wait to hear about your next scan. Praying for a healthy bean there. Rest and enjoy mama! I don't know much about training pets, but you seem to be having a good grip over this. Jack sounds so adorable. I am sorry to hear about your SIL though.

Loz: Logan instantly reminded me of Wolverine. I understand your worry about bullies. My DH also has apprehensions about certain names, cuz children just make fun. We are currently watching stranger things 2 as well. Will check out mindhunter. I also binge watched Riverdale.

Andi: I am excited to meet your lil boy. Yay for the growth! Have a smooth labour.

Whoz: Yay for switching clinincs. Hugs. We got this.

Angela: I applaud you for being the person you are. Fxed AF is going to stay away. Are you planning any medical intervention any time soon?

Courtney: Nice to hear from you, even though I know its chaotic for you. The link you sent for the photo said that the gallery is empty. I don't know what happened there.

Wish: So good to hear from you too. Good luck with next round of IUI. Keep us posted.

Star, Faith, Fly; Hello

AFM, thanks everyone for the support. I am doing better. Though I won't deny, I could be better. Last few weeks haven't been easy for me. I have taken a sabbatical from work, as I need some me time right now, and need to figure out some things. I started working out again from this Mon. So, thats making me feel better. Also, today I made a cupcake bouquet for a friends birthday. So that did cheer me up. Sharing the photo with you guys. This was my first trial at it.
1st Trial at Cupcake Bouquet.
(193.6 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Re: New Beginnings

Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:56 pm

Wish hugs!!Im so happy to hear from you!!Im Sending you baby dust and fxing for a bfp!!
Andi I was waiting to say you had the baby:)) Im happy to hear your baby is growing and all is well.Hugs
Nicky that is so beautiful,ur friend is lucky!
I’m sending you positive vibes and I hope you can soon get back to your old self soon enough.
Courtney im sorry to hear the meds are giving you a hard time but happy to hear ur a bit better.How do you feel about having a tubal?!Isnt it weird after trying for so long?!
I’m resting and being spoiled:))love this lol I had ice cream and donuts yum yum ,I gained so much weight is crazy but meh I don’t care.
Happy weekend ladies.

Re: New Beginnings

Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:33 pm

See if this one works

Re: New Beginnings

Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:36 am

Danaa: Thanks a bunch..Had a good day yesterday with baking. ..I hope you are resting enough

Courtney: Yay, i can finally see the pics. Baby Ben is adorable... I don't know how is it possible, but I would surely like to meet him one day. Take care
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