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Tue May 31, 2011 1:55 pm

Wow I sure have missed out on lots of conversation...

Theresa...I am sorry about the uti..they suck :(. Good luck with the pills

Crystal...hope the appt wasnt too painful...

Kim..sorry you had a terrible sleep :(

Thanks for the tips on temping vaginally...I will think about it...another routine to have to get into...

Temp normalized today...who knows?
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Tue May 31, 2011 2:22 pm

I'll update more later, eating dinner and then I need to run to the store, but we are going to try clomid next cycle.

Tue May 31, 2011 2:50 pm

I found this article and thought I would pass it on for those interested.

Temping Vaginally is superior to oral for several reasons:

The first is because oral temps can fluctuate due to the temps in the room. Where as vaginal temps will not.

Second oral temps can be wrong if you sleep with your mouth open.

Next, the placement of the thermometer is critical when temping orally. Wrong placement can result in wrong temps (see diagram below). Where as vaginal temps is almost full proof

However it is important to remember that vaginal temps are much higher than oral temps so you can not switch half way threw a cycle. You need to do it at the start of a cycle. Here is the chart explaining how easy it is to place the thermometer wrong when orally temping:

The chart on oral temping did not show up here but the range of temps from temping orally are pretty big.

Tue May 31, 2011 3:50 pm

Crystal - Can't wait to hear about your doctor appointment! Sounds like a plan is in place.

Kim - Sorry about the bad night's sleep...hope things get better in the next couple days.

Theresa - I am not a big pill taker either, but I would say that if it doesn't go away with any natural supplement or cranberry supplement, it may not hurt to talk to your doctor. You just don't want any infection cooking in there that may spread to the kidneys....that can't be good for anyone! I have had UTIs before that really vary in their symptoms...I always think it depends exactly where they are in the urinary tract, so your symptoms could definitely still be one. Hope you feel better soon! Also - thanks for the info on temping...always good to be educated! And yes, it has been 3.5 years....I have had to switch OBGYNs...felt like I was being written off because I was still "so young". I know in the grand scheme of things, I am "young", but to me, infertility is infertility regardless of age, and if there is a problem, it needs to be addressed as soon as it can be so that then I don't have to battle both age AND infertility. So, I am glad that I have found some doctors more willing to work with me.:)

Steph - Glad to see the temps normalized. Hope they start rising for that BFP that you are going to get over the weekend!!

AFM - Once again, nothing new.:) Going back to work is always hard after a long weekend, but that's okay. Getting excited that next week will probably be a week for more testing and possibly meeting with my doc! Ready to get the ball rolling!!:)

Tue May 31, 2011 5:26 pm

I wrote more on my blog:

Short story...

I didn't really need to come in :roll: and he's not sure why his nurse would suggest that I do. So no ultrasound or anything, but I did get to chat with him in his office.

I of course, being a huge emotional mess cried the whole time. ugh.

He asked me about how I was doing, physically and mentally, reminded me that if I feel myself going down that "slippery slope" that I probably should get back on the antidepressents, but grieving is normal.

I also talked to him about my fertility concerns and endo. He told me that he doesn't think the endo could be that bad because 1. I conceived before, on my own and 2. because I conceived recently. He also thinks that everything seems to be working properly since we have gotten pregnant. I told him I was scared that it was going to be another 9 months and that the year mark is coming up in August, which will be about 1 1/2 cycles for me.

He said that if I wanted, we could do a few "tweaks" to my cycle and he started to talk about clomid. He told me that when I start bleeding to call into the office and the nurse would call in my prescription and then I needed to follow the protocol of when to take it and so forth. He would also have me take estrogen to combat the side effect of the clomid creating a thin lining.

I will be starting out on a low dose and I guess we'll see what it does. So that's that. I do feel a little better knowing I'm not going at this unassisted with no results.

Jamie, when are you going to the doctor?

Theresa, how do you temp vaginally with out a lot of hassle? Sorry if this is too personal, but do you sleep with out panties LOL :oops:

Bilson, glad your temp normalized. I'm not sure I could do vaginally, mostly because I don't think I could get myself in the routine! I'm not an open mouth sleeper (typically) though.

Kim, I hope AF slows down for you and you can get a better nights rest tonight!

Tue May 31, 2011 5:59 pm

Crystal - Glad you at least got to have a good visit and conversation with the doctor. Sounds like he isn't too concerned about the endo, which seems like a good sign. Hopefully the clomid is all you need to get a good strong egg for a good strong little bean in there!:)

To answer your question...we don't have a doctor's visit set up yet. Waiting for my cycle to return to get CD3 bloodwork and then will set up a visit with the doctor once the results for that are in. Hoping to have something scheduled by the end of next week!

Tue May 31, 2011 6:16 pm

I love my ob. He has the best bedside manner.

I'll be monitored with a cd 14 ultrasound and a day 25 progesterone level.

Can anybody tell me the effect of clomid on a regular ovulating cycle? I ovulate, but late, I also never get strong opks. Will clomid help me have a more mature egg? I should have asked when I was in there!

Tue May 31, 2011 6:25 pm

Jamie...Glad you switched OB's and have someone that is willing to stay on top of things. I agree that if you have been trying for 3.5 years then someone needs to get to the bottom of things. Have you had the standard testing done such as TSH, FSH and more importantly a HSG to make sure that everything is open and clear? Now I am curious why a doctor wouldn't be more on top of you. Have you gotten a referral to a RE?

Crystal, you doctor sounds great! My old OB put me on clomid last summer but I never got pregnant. I have a short LP and low progesterone. My RE never recommends it for a woman over 40. However, it makes total sense to put you on estrogen to combat the thin lining problem!!! God that is genius!!! LOL. I produced 2 to 3 eggs each cycle with the clomid so it give you better odds. Hope that is your ticket!!! Temping vaginally is actually way more convenient than temping orally. I never temped in bed. It never made a difference anyway. I tried for a week straight. I temped in bed then went right to the bathroom and the temp did not vary. When I temp vaginally I go right to the bathroom and I have the reading in 10 seconds. The oral temp takes longer for some reason.

Tue May 31, 2011 6:27 pm

Crystal...I always ovuluated 2 to 3 days earlier when I was on clomid confirmed by OPK's and ultrasounds. This also helped my LP become longer. Dr. also put me on progesterone since mine was so low. I low the estrogen idea.

Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:04 pm

Thanks for the info on the temps Theresa...I will think about it...typically not a mouth breather, but I will see what next cycle brings...

I like that you posted about temping in the bathroom and in bed being the same. That would be much more convenient!

Crystal...happy that you have a plan for next cycle...fx that you only need to tweak a little. I don't have any info about clomid...but good luck!

Lucky you with the great OB! Can't wait to get me one of those...

Jamie...what does the cd3 blood work tell you? I am not familiar...

AFm....tired neighbors were up late partying...while we were trying to it was super hot. Good to ride my vespa today! Super fun :). I seem to be uber emotional today.... Pms?

Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:17 pm

Theresa - My previous OB checked TSH and HSG which were both normal and clear, respectively. FSH has not been checked yet, so they are going to do that with the CD3 bloodwork.

Bilson - CD3 bloodwork will look most closely at estrogen levels and FSH levels which may help to give us an idea of my ovarian reserve (or basically...are there good eggs in my ovaries?). I am soooo ready to get it over with already. It is one of the most common fertility tests and it's crazy that I have never had it tested after all this time. Oh well....hoping AF shows up sooner rather than later so we can get this party started!:)

Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:24 pm

Steph....late night noise is my biggest pet peave. I get up at 430 most mornings and I am a light sleeper. We have commericial property behind our house and they have an unpermitted recording studio there. I am in the process of getting it shut down. Sometimes they play until 2:30 in the morning and its FREAKING loud. When I was pregnant I had a complete meltdown one night because it was so loud I couldn't sleep. My husband thought my body was being possessed by a crazy person...LOL.

Jamie...I cannot believe after 3.5 years they haven't checked your FSH! That makes me so mad! I hope at the very least they have done a workup on your husband (in particular a SA). I also have to have cycle day 3 BW redone. It can change cycle to cycle. When I first had my FSH done it was 3.2. Then the RE had it checked and it was 7.0. So it can fluctuate.

Well I think these supplements are working. My UTI symptoms or whatever this thing is are almost gone! Yahhh. My temps never spiked so I think I had false ovulation signs. Maybe I won't ovulate this cycle which is fine by me. SAVE THE EGGS!!! Joking...

Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:45 pm

LOL, Theresa....LOVE the "save the eggs" comment. So funny. And wow, I would probably be having some choice words with your lovely neighbors...they sound like a treat!

And yes, it is ridiculous that they have never checked my FSH levels. I should have been pushier, but that isn't really my style. They did at least do a SA on DH, and it was perfect (which he is oh so proud of). Men.

AFM - Spotting tonight? What is up with that? I never spot mid-cycle. :? Maybe AF is coming early as an answer to my prayers to get the ball rolling with some fertility treatments! :) I am not optimistic enough to think it could be something like implantation bleeding. :wink:

EDIT: FYI - I just happened to go to Dr. Sher's blog today and it happens to be about CD3/FSH testing, so he may be able to explain it much more eloquently than I did previously.:)

Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:18 am

Hi ladies :)

Eugh Steph and theresa I'm right there with you on the noise thing! I am very territorial over my sleep! Our neighbors go through phases of having parties on Friday nights and they live in a flat so their lounge backs onto our bedroom! Grr! We are currently having a quiet 'phase' I hope it lasts forever haha! hope they pipe down for you tonight Steph! and yeh Theresa I'd be trying to burn that studio down (haha I sou d psychotic but only to stress the point lol)

Jamie I have spotted about a week before af showed up but I tend to spot the day before so af could be on it's way for you but let's hope it is implantation :D

So I'm getting back into normality after being away for over 2 weeks. Saw a friend yest who tentatively told me about a couple of friends who are trying or now pg eugh. Feel like a horrible person though as there are a couple of friends I haven't contacted yet because quite frankly I'm not ready to talk about how happy they are! Isn't that awful :( they are my age and seem to have things so easy- their parents live in their town and they're currently ttc no 2 and I just can't deal with hearing about it. She's my friend though so need to get over this and be happy for them. Sorry rant over! On the upside I'm going away tomo night for a pamper with some girlie friends who are not trying or pregnant (well as far as I know!) so should be a gooden!

Hope 2ww'ers are ok?

Theresa glad uti symptoms are going... Gone; and I also laughed at ur save the eggs comment!


Thu Jun 02, 2011 5:03 am

Think :af: is on her way...big temp drop this morning. Going to be prepared for her today. I am actually quite excited to see her!! Can't wait to get started with our baby making!:)
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