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Re: TTC Muslim support

PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:13 pm
by bbe
Salaam I tried posting twice and both times my long posts were deleted! Anyway Humi, bd advice is always awkward as well as other random advice ppl give like don't ever drink coffee but chai is perfectly fine. Danaa glad you have a good support group of family and friends you can talk to.

My meds arrived today alhumdulillah. I'll be staring bcp this week iA.

Re: TTC Muslim support

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 4:34 am
by awaitingMommyhood
Salam Everyone,

It is so good to be here Alhamdolillah. I hope we all could've met because of a happy reason. But they say that pain connects people strongly.

Anyway, I know it all. The endless journey of TTC. I just turned 29 last month and DH will turn 30 in few months InshaAllah. Have been married for around 4.8 years. Conceived after a year and it ended up in an early miscarriage unfortunately. Went to a doctor and she said everything is good and you don't need any treatment.

Waited for around a year and couldn't be patient anymore. So went to another gynecologist. She gave me letrozole(2-5 days) and hcg shot on the 12th day. After three rounds, i got a BFP. But unfortunately it again ended up in an early miscarriage. The reason for the miscarriage was again unknown.

Decided to take a break. Took homeopathy medicine for around 6 months. Then, thought to go back to another fertility clinic. The doctor again suggested me to go for super ovulation through letrozole. She said we will try this for three rounds and if there is no BFP then we can try for IUI. Have had two rounds already. This is my last month. I so badly want it to work this time because I am not very comfortable with the IUI process. But will have no choice if it doesn't happen this month.

Need loads of prayers from all of you. I will be keeping you all in my prayers. Its a long emotional roller coaster ride. There are times when you feel so positive and great. But then there comes moments when you simply break down.

Lots of love for all of you. *HUGS*

Re: TTC Muslim support

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:54 am
by bbe
Salaam Waitingformommyhood and welcome. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages. InshaAllah this is the cycke for you. Have you looked into taking baby aspirin? It's supposed to help prevent miscarriages. I pray that Allah eases your pain and grants you a healthy righteous child.

Re: TTC Muslim support

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:37 pm
by awaitingMommyhood
Walikum assalam :)

Bbe thanks for the prayers :) . No haven't heard of baby asprin. When is one supposed to take it? after conception or before? and what does it contain? is it a folic acid supplement?

Re: TTC Muslim support

PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 3:29 am
by Danaa
viewtopic.php?f=22&t=236967 I created a new page bcs we reached 20 pages!!See u there my lovelies!!

Re: TTC Muslim support

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:51 pm
by Halima
assalamu alaikum is anyone still on this group because it seems like everyones messages are from years ago lol but il give it a try anyway. i wanted to know anyone who has had hijama done for infertility and the points they have had done so i can also try them?

Re: TTC Muslim support

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:47 am
by Hopefulrosey
Walaikum Assalam Halima! I am not an Arab so I cannot help myself. We do have an Arab Muslim in my IVF group who maybe can answer your question if you post here: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=248320&start=43

Good luck and baby dust