TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 32

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Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 32

Postby HighlandGamesGirlCO » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:24 pm

Hi ladies, just checking in to say hello, and I am still alive and thinking of you all.


Amy - congrats on your gorgeous baby boy! So happy for you!

Katy - I can empathize, I really can! Hang in there!

I know I am leaving so many people out and I am so sorry! My brain is fried lol


Fi is getting bigger and changing by the day - literally! She has outgrown NB size, 3 mo is still a bit big but her feet fill up the poor girl! :) Her smiles are the best thing EVER.

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Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 32

Postby VandersMommy » Fri Feb 12, 2016 3:44 pm

Ahh i really missed you all!!! Ive been spending more time on our fb group because its so much easier but im glad i came on to see those of you who arnt on there!

Fiona is adorable!!! How has life been adjusting to her!? Is she is good baby!? Her eyes sparkle :) Lach is not quite a month okd and he wearing 3 month clothes no lie!!

Sms cute bump lady....i miss those bump days. Now mines all.flabby and empty haha

Getting so excited over here for katy and erins babies!!!! Just a couple weeks and they could birh be here!!! Or sooner!!
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Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 32

Postby Stardancer8764 » Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:34 pm


Eami- Your MIL sound NUTS! She rubbed your belly in you sleep?? Like OMG WHO does that? So WIERD! BOUNDARY ISSUES LADY!! My MIL snoops in all my bags and stuff too. What is it with these old ladies. UH it's so disrespectful and just RUDE. When DH and I were dating she found our "journal" ahem, sex journal, and she FLIPPED.... It was just one of those Spencers gag gifts that we filled out because we were drunk... well she found it and left it on her dresser to let DH know she found it...and layed in bed for THREE DAYS! Who the hell does that? So, I say leave some crazy things for her to find.... hahaha.... anyway you look BEAUTIFUL and that dress is beautiful on you.

Highland- Fionia is so pretty. She has your eyes.

Ace- WHO HOOOO. I saw it on the fb group but congrats again.

Anyway... Post tie revision... UMMM SLEEP. WE ARE SLEEPING. The last two days we have slept 5 h, then 2h, then 6h!!! Like OMG ITS AMAZING. I can't believe how well he is sleeping now, without the gas. I think the tie cut helped him nurse better an he gets less gas, which gives him less reflux, which lets him sleep! Amazing... He had a scissor cut and it looks soooooo great. She did a great job. I am able to lay him down now, and he just goes to sleep while still awake... no more rocking and not being able to move for an hour because he will wake up and scream.... I am hopeful it will still improve from here. Our next goal is to try to get him off the zantec! He did go on a nursing strike post revision for about 24h, but, we survived by spoon feEding him stored breastmilk. I also think he may be extracting more of the hind milk because he is nursing less and only taking one side at a time....
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Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 32

Postby aceofspaids » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:27 am

Lindsey- Fi is too cute!!

Shannon- I'm so glad Cal is sleeping!

Here's my 13 dpo test this morning.
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Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 32

Postby Sms842 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:43 am

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