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Re: TTC #2 - September 2016 Hopefuls

Mon Sep 19, 2016 1:30 pm

Hey just a quick update.. Had my follow-up appointment today. It wasn't much really, he basically just pressed on my uterus to make sure it wasn't tender and then talked about when we could start trying again. His advice was to wait until I get my next period. I was kind of hoping we could try right away, but he said that there is an increased chance of miscarriage for the first cycle because the lining may not be healed completely. Definitely do not want to take that risk at all! I was planning on just taking it easy and no temping or using OPKs, but looking at the calendar it seems that DH will be on a trip when I'm likely to be ovulating if I get my first period around my usual time... So I think I will start temping again just to have a better idea of when I'll be fertile. I think it would end up stressing me out more not knowing with the travel. Also, I'm hoping that if I start temping now I can get an idea of any changes in my cycle or hormones that might still be lingering. And with that, I feel like I'm officially back in the ttc game... here goes nothing!

Re: TTC #2 - September 2016 Hopefuls

Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:11 pm

Kat, I am SO sorry I am just now responding. Usually I get e-mail notifications when there is a new post, but I didn't get any. I actually just got on to send you a note to see how your appt went and I saw your posts!

So sorry you had a rough rest of your week last week. It's bad enough sorting through all the emotions, but then when you physically feel unwell, it just makes it worse. That's exciting that you only have to wait one cycle! Sometimes doctors say to wait 3 months, like after birth control and all, so whew, that would be frustrating. When is your normal AF due? We are always here for you. The good, the bad and the ugly... bring it all. It's amazing, I really feel that in a lot of ways, I rely and open up to you ladies much more than I would any "real life" friend I may have. You've been a blessing!

I tested yesterday, which based on MY calculations would be 11dpo, but according to my app, it's 9dpo. Of course a bfn. DH goes for his blood tests tomorrow, so you better believe I will be calling his endocrinologist for the first available appointment. I REALLY hope it's not 3 months away. He needs treatment started, STAT!

I finally got on this board on the laptop and realized we are on page 39! I think the mods say we need to start a new thread at like 20 or something, so I will try to set a new one up and add a link. I don't wanna lose all our correspondence, but I don't wanna make anyone mad!

Re: TTC #2 - September 2016 Hopefuls

Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:13 pm


Try that. I just wanna follow the "rules of the boards"...
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