1O DPO.. Any Cycle Buddies?

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1O DPO.. Any Cycle Buddies?

Postby lealea2016 » Tue Jul 19, 2016 1:54 am

Needing Some Cycle Buddies To Obsess With?!
I'd Love To Hear Your DPO Stories! Here's Mine For The Past 1O Days; Not Feeling Very Positive This Month; As it's Cycle #13 TTC!! But Hay, Gotta Happen Some Time!!

O'Day - Positive OPK 8th, So Thinking 9th? CD 12.

1-4DPO - Nothing Really! Just A Spotty Chin Around Day 2.

5DPO - High Soft Open Cervix? Neg OPK Confused Much!!

6DPO - Very Emotional Today, Sharp Twinge In Lower Abdomen In The Pm. Watery/Lotion CM.

7DPO - Quite Dry This Cycle,(Usually See Very Thick CM From Like 2/3 Dpo..Cervix Still High Soft, But Closed.. Some Flutters In The Low Abdo, Giggle.. I'm Very Ticklesh Lol!

8DPO - Emotional Again Today, Cervix Slightly Lower Hard Closed, Tired & An Itchy Lower Tummy.

9DPO - Not Very Nice Vivid Nightmare! Pains In Lower Abdo Throughout The Night, Just Mild, & A Dull Ache On The Left Side. Sore Uterus When Walking about.

1O - Sneezing; Though It Is A Sunny Day! Haven't Had Much CM This Cycle, LOTS Watery White CM Midnightish, And Very Sore To The Touch Left Boobie! Other is Pretty Mild /: Cervix High Again, Soft Closed..

So Yea That's Mine, Pretty Bland This Cycle Compaired To Some Others I've Had.. But Be Interesting To Read Some Of Yours? See If There's Any Resemblence Maybe :)

Enjoy The Weather! :P

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Re: 1O DPO.. Any Cycle Buddies?

Postby MrsTokyo » Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:20 pm

I have been obsessing, too! This is my first TTC cycle, which has me all tied up in knots with nerves. I usually have a 9-11 day LP, so I started taking a B complex this month. In hindsight, I wish I had done the B complex earlier so I would know how much it affects my LP! I use both FF and Kindara, and Kindara ended up giving me a different O day. The days in () are the DPO by Kindara.

July 12 - O Slightly queasy, slight headache
July 13 - 1DPO Mainly sticky CM with one glob of EW. Burping at work. Yawning. Knee joints feel funny.
July 14 - 2DPO Fallback rise this morning. Creamy CM. Yawning. Knee joints feel funny.
July 15 - 3DPO Headache. Creamy CM with one glob of EWMC super stretchy.
July 16 - 4DPO Headache. Mainly dry
July 17 - 5DPO? Kindara suggested a different O date so may just be 2DPO. Heavy uterus. Cramping. Mainly dry.
July 18 - 6DPO (3?) Nothing. Mainly dry.
July 19 - 7DPO (4?) Very slight amount of creamy CM. Breasts feel slightly heavy.
July 20 - 8DPO (5?) Breasts feel tender.
July 21 - 9DPO (6?) Slightly tender breasts. Creamy CM. Slightly nauseous. Cramps. Burping.
July 22 - 10DPO (7?) Vivid dream about giving birth. Headache. Heavy uterus. Creamy/wet/lotiony CM. Tender breasts. Could detect bad breath on DH.
July 23 - 11DPO (8?) Woke up multiple times. Cramps. Creamy lotiony CM with yellow tinge.
July 24 - 12 DPO (9?) Woke up multiple times. Creamy lotiony CM with small clumps. No cramps. Breasts not very tender. Left breast's blood vessels more pronounced. Coffee tasted off from the few sips I took from DH's cup. Slight brown CM when checking cervix (still low, hard). Pink spotting after sex. Worried that period may start tomorrow?
July 25 - 13DPO (10?) Minor cramps. No more spotting so far. Slightly tender breasts. Slightly nauseous.

Not sure how much longer I can wait to test!!!
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Re: 1O DPO.. Any Cycle Buddies?

Postby Mandi819900 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:24 am

I o on the 17th and I've already tested at the last three days. I can't wait. I am 8dpo and have heavy bloated feeling. Been nauseous on and off and my nipples hurt bad and bb sore tender. I have also had cm from like 3dpo
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Re: 1O DPO.. Any Cycle Buddies?

Postby AnnieP » Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:43 am

hey guys!
Just throwing mine on here- I don't have a whole lot. Have any of you tested yet? In either dpo 9 or 10 - according to opks.
Baby dust to you all!!

Dpo1 very little watery cm
Face broke out

Started dry heaving in the morning. Had ewcm in the morning.

Dry sticky cm no other symptoms

dpo4 face still broke out
Dry cm earlier in day had a little ewcm/stretchy no symptoms

Little stretchy cm yellowish - bloated - emotional/bad mood

Same stretchy cm yellowish - mild cramping - bloated
Emotional/bad mood

Mild cramping again off and on - no cm - bloated - emotional

Little stretchy cm - bloated
Bbs felt heavier

Woke up with headache. No cm - bloated and gassy - intense weird dreams
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