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Re: TTC/Pregnant/Living Life after an IUD

Postby Ckatta14 » Sat May 20, 2017 4:26 pm


My Dh is out with his friends too. I am rather annoyed bc he's worked like crazy we've hardly seen him all week, he worked today too then left to go out when there's so much yard/house work that needs to be done. I hope your Dh honors his promise to you! I dont think I'd like my Dh gone for the weekend, I'd probably give him s**t about it lol.

It is a relief knowing gender, now I can shop :) if feels more real now, I know that's silly to think that way but I'm definitely happy to know! The kids are excited for a sister (my daughter more so than my son lol) gender didn't really matter to me as long as she's healthy!!

I wasn't overly concerned when you said bow legs, not unless it's at a point where it's hindering him then I'd be concerned. i hope they figure out his allergies so that can get straightened out quickly!!

Temper tantrums.... I dislike those lol.. my kids still throw them when they don't get what they want haha they are 7 and 12 . Are those new for him??

The weather has been nice here too now that the rain finally let up! I hope you're enjoying your nice warmer weather, we sure have been. It makes sports so much more enjoyable when we aren't freezing sitting out there watching lol.

Enjoy your weekend!! :)
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