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Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:43 pm

You can definitely see that. Wow that's exciting. What's your plan? Will you go in to have blood work done? Fingers crossed girl!

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:57 pm

Thank you! I don't know honestly. Trying to get the appt. for the full workup has been a pain, but I still want it done just incase something is causing these early losses. I have called patient advocacy today to work on getting that appt scheduled. I think there was a mistake and the referral was sent directly to the RE which would be fine with me. I am going to keep testing of course, and I think if I don't hear back this week I am just going to march my happy butt up there on Monday and say HELP ME, and I am not leaving until you do haha!!!

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:42 pm

History - That's a nice line!! HUGE congrats! I LOLed when you said your mood was suddenly better - I am like that when pregnant too! I suddenly love everyone and everything haha so happy for you! Definitely bug them until you get seen! Maybe you need progesterone!

Lilismom - That's a good thought, maybe it's just cleaning the baseboards? haha thank you. :)

SMS - WHAT A SWEET PIC!!! So happy all is going so well. :)

Star - you doing ok?

Keep - how are you feeling, mama?? Are you so over the moon excited yet?? :)

Katy - thinking of you!


AFM - CD2 and though it's heavy, it's not the super stupidly heavy bullshit I had once I got my cycle back after DS. I mean, I have been wearing the same pants and underwear all day today and that has been UNHEARD OF! :lol: Keeping everything crossed for some nice, healthy, sticky lining to grow for a little blasto to burrow into for the long 9 month stay. Besides, I am not getting any younger over here! *checks calendar* 2.5 months until the big four-oh. :cry: Come on October baby!!!

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:04 pm

You guys are so sweet asking about how I am doing.

History: THATS A LINE, Not a squinter at all! CONGRATS! YOU'RE PREGNANT AHHHH. :bfp: I did not give up my coffee. I cut back. I usually drink 2 cups but I drink one 10oz cup (usually dont even finnish it) in the am. Up to 165mg is okay which is one cup about of coffee. I get migraines and stopping the coffee triggers those so I jsut cut back

Highland: I have everything crossed and I'm praying too! When do you usually O? My periods are always sorta like you described, they start sorta dark and sludgelike, then go to red, then i spot more sludge for a few days. But what is normal for me, may not be normal for you. But I wouldn't freak out. Hopefully you get a nice ripe egg this month!!

SMS- AWWWWWWWWWWW So cute! Looking great!

Me- Hubs extended another 21 days! He will be back Feb 7th and we're treading water. That leaves me caring for two littles, by myself in the first trimester. That makes me superwoman bitches! HAHAHHA

I always felt like I was gonna have twins, my daughter is telling me Jesus told her there is two, I had that weird mass thing on my first u/s that all the girls in a fb group were like, oh yeah, that happened to me, it was a twin a few days behind... I have reason to suspect twins... oh and the moment I tested there was a DOUBLE RAINBOW on the door from my window with the way the light casted it...... I am one of those sign people. And I thought, maybe, it was a double rainbow bc I tested on the anniversary of my first rainbow. And now.... I'm like... no, there were 2. At some point, there were 2. So my u/s is FRIDAY and I am so nervous, obssessing, going crazy wondering if we will see 0,1,or 2. I am looking for HB's on my doppler like everyday, it's probably borderline unhealthy.... I told myself no more till Friday. I hate not knowing so I am like looking for 2 hbs which is a waste bc you cant hear two most the time this early anyway bc they beat in unison and are usually pretty close to each other.So I AM getting a HB! YAYYY. I'm 11 weeks and I really need to stop usuing this thing but the 12 u/s always brings me a little PTSD.

Anyway, I am SOOOO tired this week. SOOO tired I have no energy for anything. Except to walk to the kitchen, eat, and walk to the couch. And Hubs extended his deployment another 21DAYS so in a funk about that. I dont see how I will go on. But I must. This feels Impossible at the moment and I felt relatively good previously. Funny story, I cried to him on the phone bc he wasn't here to get me a cheeseburger. lol. SO HUNGRY all the time.

Please pray my parents don't kill me when I tell them im pregnant at 16w. We were gonna tell them at 9 but HUBBY keeps extending and honestly, my mom esprecially MAY kill me. I mean my pregnancy will be almost halfway over! If I tell them now all they will do is worry. Plus I dont feel right telling them without DH here! But my bump is getting big. Another funny story- i get meals delivered and cooked by this lady 3x a week and my MIL tells me "oh hunnie, don't worry, I'd be putting on weight too if I was eating all those meals bu myself." NOT KIDDING. I DIED A LITTLE IN MY HEAD. LOL

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:40 pm

Lindey- Hahaha the mood thing is so crazy to me. I am someone that has horrible horrible mood swings during PMS and it was so bad not too long ago that I thought I was gearing up for the worst period ever! Was not sure if it was like hormonal or mourning the losses or what, but I felt like it would never end. When it all of a sudden got better it was a DEFINITE sign for me, because like you my mood is great during pregnancy. At least that was the case with the last 2 pregnancies. I lost the first one too fast to remember anything. I really wish it will be that way for the rest of my pregnancy and the rest of my life really, but my friend tells me it will not last and I will probably start getting raging mad and irrational in my 2nd tri. Were you in a good mood for the most part through your entire pregnancies? Oh and speaking worst period ever...mine kinda starts off like STAR described. I always think it was just old blood that didn't get cleaned out with the last cycle, CP, or MC. And when my period kinda ends brown or sludgy I just think its was the lining that started to shed a couple days earlier and didn't get out fast enough, so it started to dry up before coming out. I about died reading what you said about being able to wear your pants and panties all day! I have been there too many times. I am not going to give up on getting a work up and I am praying rainbow prayers for us both!!!

Star-I think I responded on your whole post in my PM, but thank you for letting me know what you were doing with your coffee intake. I am just going to have my 10-12 oz cup in the AM and skip my afternoon cup haha

AFM- I am still in shock I think. My line was a little darker this morning and showed up faster. Symptoms...peeing a ton, heightened sense of smell, great mood, little dizzy if I stand too fast, little pinching happening on both sides of uterus, but mostly on the right (crazy b/c I only have a left tube, so that baby had a long travel to implant haha,) already feeling hungry soon after eating and last it is already getting harder to get out of bed in the AM.
ALSO...I am currently doing whole 30 and have like 13 days left and I really want to finish it. Any thoughts, anyone? AND should I like buy some OTC progesterone cream or start taking a baby aspirin just in case I can't get an appt soon? Or could this do harm if they are not needed!? I guess I need to do more research, but I get so many conflicting answers.

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:16 pm

History- another idea- if you LOVE your afternoon cup, you can go to 1/2 regular 1/2 decaff in the am, and the same in the pm. So it's the same amount of caffeine split in half. I did that while I worked with DD because I needed a little kick at 4pm. I quickly adapted to that and felt decent. Although, i was so tired the first tri lol decent is a stretch.

Not sure about the asprin or progesterone, have the recommended that with your previous pregnancies? I would make a call and try to get in ASAP! Tell them you need to be seen ASAP because of your losses, reduced fertility (one tube) and that you neeeed to see someone. Cry if you have to, beg, demand, You got this! Make it happen you need to be seen pronto for labs.

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:20 pm

History, Baby Aspirin won't do any harm and it can't hurt. But if you're nervous maybe see if you can talk with a nurse. I take baby aspirin my entire pregnancy.

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:33 pm

sms- how you feeling today?

i LOVE OUR THREAD- Should we start a new one bc were at page like 26?

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:39 pm

Yeah we've been bad about starting a new page. Lol, up to you guys.

I'm feeling ok. Mostly tired. Today I worked out which made me feel better as I've not done much with the holidays etc. I also get nauseous here and there and the best thing is to just lay down or eat. I want my energy back, hopefully in the next few weeks it'll come back.

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:54 pm

Star-That is a great idea thanks!!! That is exactly why I have a cup in the afternoon usually. Work Shmerk haha. With the first loss it was too fast for anything and they just said this is completely normal and common with first pregnancies...basically, your body is used to cleaning house each month and it was just doing what it is used to doing. With the second pregnancy everything was going great until it was too late and my tube was rupturing, and with the third I guess they thought well the 2nd was just something that rarely happens and not due to anything, so they only had me come in for an early ultrasound to check placement. So basically I am clueless and dying for answers! Especially now that I am pregnant again. Yeah I think I am about to start crying, begging and demanding! I feel hopeless to save this life and I feel like if something happens I will be furious with the hospital for giving me the run around. Already am really.

Stephanie-thank you!!! I will probably call the nurse first, but I am sure they will say I need to be seen before a recommendation is made. I may just take like half of a baby aspirin a day until I know more. I would feel safe doing that.

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:49 pm

DUH I meant to tell you History - I did exactly what Stardancer suggested with the coffee, half-caff morning and afternoon. Worked great for me! And LOL glad I could make you laugh. It was nice not sitting on a towel for 3 days! :rofl: Also - a baby / low dose (81mg) aspirin is totally fine, wouldn't hurt a thing.

Star - I would be soooo happy for you if you see one OR two babies in there! I can't wait to hear how it goes!! and GO SUPERWOMAN! :mrgreen:

SMS - the first tri is the hardest with the sapping of energy! Working out always helped me too, as long as I had plenty of water and some snacks. :) I worked out/lifted weights until about 34 weeks with both kiddos. Even a 10-15 minute walk each day helps a ton!

AFM - AF seems to be tapering off, hooray!! I had to move my 11 MONTH OLD SON into 3T pajamas. :shock: He walked around a little today only holding one of my hands. He is strong enough to sit on the floor and grab the leg of the chair my 2 year old daughter is sitting in and pull her to him. It's crazy! DD is doing great, so smart and cute, yet definitely testing those boundaries (and my patience). Wouldn't trade a single moment though - even the rough days are perfect. :hb:

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:51 pm

Also - Star, feel free to start a new thread if you like! I will check later, and if you haven't done it yet, I will take care of it. :)

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:27 am

Lindsey-hahaha I've had to sleep on a folded towel a night or two!! We recently got a puppy then turned around and gave her back, but I still have her potty training pads and have seriously thought to myself that they look like something a hospital would use so why can't I hahaha.

Star-Thinking about you! Dying to here how the appt went today. Oh, and here is another poas pic for you. 48 hrs later. I wished it were darker. Please be sticky baby!!
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Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:10 pm

26996750_880422955451305_2042172147_n.jpg (32.03 KiB) Viewed 448 times

History - is that FMU? Take another tomorrow

So, BIG NEWS on my end! Saw my bean! Baby is measuring 12w2d (which is more aligned with where i ovulated on my records over 11w3d which the 6w u/s discovered...the tech couldn't find it and had issues with that mass thing). ONLY ONE! Which I still don't even believe lol. The crazy thing is I had two equally sized follicles on my R ovary. Is that normal? Maybe I did drop two eggs? Baby's hb was 156 and she said she was 99.9 percent of the gender and it looks very clear, she showed me, I guessed female. She said that's a good guess.... but..... I'm 11w soooooo its a toss up and I'm not painting the room pink or anything. I still want to be surprised but I thought it was a girl all a long. So we will see! A girl would mean more work on moving things around with rooms and painting and all. All my friends think I should find out, ESP bc I think it's a girl. I don't know. She let me have a look 3d which was really awesome. Everything looked so great. I still am in shock. I don't even believe im pregnant. lol
26994477_880422845451316_1660424748_n.jpg (47.59 KiB) Viewed 448 times

Re: TTC / Pregnancy After Loss - Part 34

Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:39 am

Ahhhhh those pics are precious!!!!! So happy for you :)

Yeah that is first morning urine, but I am freaking out. The lines kept getting darker each day even this morning, but I saw the tiniest bit of brown blood after we DTD last night and I just went to the bathroom and had a little watery red blood after a bowel movement. Sorry for tmi. Just went again and it was just a tiny bit of dark brown old looking blood again.

I just want to cry right now! I was bloated and thought okay this is good means progesterone is high, but today I am not as bloated :(

I have been taking half of a baby aspirin everyday. Could that make my cervix bleed a little when it's "aggravated?" Anyone else spot on aspirin?
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